Beginning Feb 15th thur April 1st, the Pinehurst Municipal Court will offer an amnesty program.

This program allows persons with outstanding warrants through the City of Pinehurst, to come in and make new arrangements with the court. For each warrant paid, the $50.00 warrant fee will be waived.

Each case will be handled on its on merits, so this is a second chance to clear up the warrants. This saves time, money, and the embarrassment of being arrested. This program helps those with a hold on the renewal of their license.

We are currently contracted with a collection agency. Warrants can be paid at City Hall, 3640 Mockingbird, Orange, Texas, 77630 with cash, money order and credit cards. Credit card payments can be made online, the seven digit office ID is #9823588, and you will need your ticket or case number.

The Judge will be in court on Mondays at 3 pm or Thursdays at 8:30 am.

If you are not sure if you have a warrant, call 409-886-3873.