Saturday at about 9:58 P.M., Officer C.D. Cowart pulled over a vehicle in the 800 block of Green and encountered a man whose speech was “extremely slurred, and could barely make complete sentences.”

Upon speaking with the man, he identified himself as Dan Gibson, but a Texas ID named him as Ronald Gibson. He also had another ID, identifying him as Dan Gibson.

While officer Cowart had Gibson pulled over, his phone rang and the female caller spoke with the officer and told him she knew the driver as Ronald. The driver insisted his name was Dan Gibson.

Officer Cowart issued a field sobriety test on Gibson and observed him being unsteady on his feet and using his car for balance during the test, at which time, Officer Cowart placed Gibson under arrest and transported him to the Orange County Jail.

Gibson was charged with driving while intoxicated, failure to ID to police officer and driving while his license was invalid.

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