On Thursday evening at about 8:23, Orange police officer J.E. Baggett was dispatched to 1505 Green in reference to a stolen vehicle. Rosa Chavez, who rents this property for an insurance business in this location, said that a red 1994 Chevrolet extended cab pickup was missing.

The pickup, which has been for sale, was temporarily being stored in the parking lot between 1501 and 1503 Green Ave. Chavez stated that the vehicle remained secured at all times. She said the truck was last seen on Feb. 10 about 11:00 A.M. and that she noticed it missing at about 8:00 P.M. the same day.

Chavez made contact with the owner of the property where the vehicle was stored. The owner of the property informed her that he had not had the vehicle towed.

Chavez also advised officer Baggett that the vehicle was clear of any lien holder and therefore would not have been repossessed. She also sated that she holds the key to the vehicle and that no person had her permission to take the vehicle.

She wasn’t sure of any possible suspect and will pursue charges if a suspect or suspects are located.