Staff Report – TheRecordLive

Monday at approximately 8:27 P.M., Officer C. Cowart with the Orange Police Department was dispatched to a residence on N. Hart in reference to a disturbance between Ennis Judge and Camela Jones.

Upon Officer Cowart’s arrival, he made contact with Jones at the residence. She stated that Judge had left the house and she didn’t want the officer there. As he was leaving the property, Judge walked around the corner of N. Hart and 14th St. with a white rag covering his right hand.

Judge removed the rag and the officer observed a large laceration to Judge’s hand. He informed the officer that Jones had cut him with a knife and he wanted to press charges against her.

Judge stated he was able to get the knife away from Jones and leave the house.

Judge told the officer that the two had been arguing because all he bought her was a bottle of perfume, and not some diamonds.

Judge showed Officer Cowart the steak knife in his back pocket, and it had blood on the blade.

Because of the possibility of further violence, the officer told Jones to turn around and place her hands behind her back, she was under arrest, but she would not comply. Cowart reached for her hand to place it behind her back, but Jones turned to walk back toward the house. Cowart tried to pull both her arms to place them behind her back, but she resisted.

After giving several commands to stop and place her hands behind her back, and her refusing, Jones was tased. She still went into the house and closed the door before falling to the ground from the taser shot.

After the initial charge was fired, she walked back outside and onto the front porch area of the home.

After more commands to Jones and refusal to comply with commands from the officer, she was given another burst from his taser.

Upon a second shot from the taser, Jones became compliant and placed her hands behind her back and she was placed into custody. She was transported to Hermann Memorial Baptist Hospital for medical clearance from the multiple tasings

Once clearance was given, Jones was transported to the Orange County Jail and booked.