Riddle me this, what does Jerry Hughes and Richard Simmons have in common? The wardrobe!

Friday was the first night of the 2011 Orange Service League Follies, “Hollywood Nights.” Directed by Brook Doss and Kevin Doss, the Follies had entertaining performances by seasoned veterans of the stage and those doing it for the very first time.

Take a tour through the movies with the a great cast of characters as they visit memorable tunes from their favorite flicks. Join the couple from Bugscuffle, Texas; their son, Rebel; the newlyweds; a couple from Minnesota; two old widows; and Hollywood Nancy as they review westerns, spy flicks, musicals, Elvis and more.

It’s not too late to take the trip. The next “tour” begins at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Saturday) at the Lutcher Theater. Tickets are just $12 for the balcony and $22 for the orchestra. That includes the $2 ticket fee.

Enjoy a fun evening for a good cause, and all the money stays in Orange County. Sunday morning you may have the tune from Sugarland’s “Stuck on You” stuck in your head; as the production commercials are just as entertaining as the movie numbers.

Just a note to audience members that do not usually go to the theater, when the curtain closes after the finale, please don’t leave. There is such a thing as a curtain call, when the cast takes their bows.

Last night, half the audience got up and started leaving as soon as the curtain closed. That could be perceived as very rude, but I chose to believe they just weren’t educated. The cast deserves our attention; it’s how the audience can thank them for such a great performance.

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