Welcome to the first day of a new life. You have finally made the huge step of joining the gym. It won’t be long before you begin to feel and look better.

You still have a couple of hurdles to overcome. Initially, you may feel like a fish out of water. All of this strange equipment that you don’t know what to do with. The gym signed you up, congratulated you, and wished you good luck.

The gym you joined should provide a free orientation. The orientation will be provided by a trainer and will do a couple of things. The trainer should show you the function of all of the equipment, what it does and how to properly use it. Be prepared, though, as the trainer will also, as the trained should, explain about his or her services and costs for these services. That’s how they make a living, however, you don’t have an obligation use these services.

Starting out, you need to make a plan. Write down what you want to accomplish and how much time a week you will commit to this. One hour, three days a week is the minimum that you need to exercise in the gym. You may desire to spend four or five days, and that will simply get you to your goals much faster. Please note that your good group fitness programs are all a minimum of three days and many are five day programs. This commitment is long term and NOT SHORT TERM. Forget about what you see on late night TV. Most of us aren’t going to obtain a beach body from a couch body in four, five or six weeks.

The gym you joined should have a tracking log that can provided for you to use. This is what the gym is for, to assist you in obtaining fitness goals. This tracking log will have blanks to fill in for the piece of equipment used, exercise, amount of weight used, repetition performed, and the day of the week. The cardio area on this form will have the cardio equipment time, incline as applicable on a treadmill or cross trainer elliptical, or resistance as applicable on an elliptical, predictive motion machine or stationary bike.

If you have committed three days a week to your fitness a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule is a good schedule. You will want to do a full body workout on the select-a-weight circuit equipment. This circuit equipment is designed to be used one piece at a time to work each muscle group on your body.

The correct workout in one hour’s time would be a warm-up for 7.5 minutes on cardio, three circuit laps, and a final cardio of 7.5 minutes. (Please note that recent research performed has indicated that split cardio done in place with other resistance training will provide double the benefits of real time cardio. Example: 7.5 start and 7.5 finish, the split, will provide benefits of 30 minutes of cardio with just 15 minutes actually performed.)

If you are committing five days to your workout program, do the above workout program and on your off days go for an hour of cardio.

The best way to stick to it is to schedule it in your day just like you do anything else. Schedule it in a time frame you can make it each day and don’t cancel it. Make it to the appointment.
Don’t expect miraculous results. It does take time to get to where you want to go. It also will take some work. Oh and by the way, you will suffer some discomfort for about a week starting out, but this will pass.

Do not compare yourself to others in the gym. Remember that even though they look like they don’t need to be in the gym as they are perfect, I challenge you to spot the people that have lost 75, 100 pounds or more. Chance are many of the people you are looking at have not been in gym for life but have been there long enough to make the transformation to what they are today.

Remember the other aspect of it as well. Diet is important and the two do go hand in hand. All diet programs have a disclaimer that you need at least three days of exercise to go along with their diet for optimal success. Theres a reason for this.

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