Thursday afternoon, Orange police were dispatched the police station to meet with Jimmy Devers on the complaint of credit card abuse. Devers told Officer Kelly Griffin that he stopped at the Kwick Stop in the 3100 block of 16th St., when he lost his wallet. The wallet, which was described as a brown, bi-fold type with a money clip on the side.

Devers said the content of the wallet when he lost it was his Texas driver’s license, a Gulf Credit Union credit card and debit card and a Valero credit card.

Upon receiving his mail Thursday, Devers said that he received a bill from Valero stating he owed them over $900 for purchases. He said the majority of the purchases were not his and he called the company. He said one unauthorized purchase was made at the Valero in Orange located at 3800 16th St. on Feb. 9 for $65.91 at 4:33 PM.

The Valero billing office said that the store had a video of the person making the purchase and it showed a young white male using the credit card. Devers requested a report to give to Valero for the credit card abuse.

Devers was unable at the time, to provide locations of the other purchases with his card.