It was a good day in Battlin’ Bear Baseball as former standouts

from yesteryear reunited at Gibbens Field on Saturday. The Bear Baseball Alumni took on

the varsity team in a celebration of tradition and relive a little of the glory


They proved they still have their ‘game’ losing to a tough LCM varsity baseball team by

just 3-1.

Following the alumni match-up the 2011 LC-M Bears took on the Bridge City Cardinals in a 10 inning scrimmage as both teams prepare for tournament baseball action.

A Homerun Derby began the festivities on Saturday morning.

The former Battlin’ Bear baseball standouts reuniting on their ‘home field’ on Saturday were:

Blake Poutra
Jarrad Landry
Chris Benoit
Brooks Richard
Shon Seago
Jeremy Green
Chad Kemp
Beau Hale
Kyle Cassidy
Robert Barfield
Dustin Tilley
Knox Mccorquodale
Wes Schnider
Adam Leggett
Stephen Pollock
Chris Beuchner
Phillip Richard
Tyler Reeves
Matt Gore
Derek Cloeren
Derek TilleyZack Padgett

The Bear Baseball Alumni Representes The Following:

1982 Regional Finalists
1986 Regional Finalists
1987 Bi District Finalist
1993 Area Finalist
1996 State Finalist
1997 Regional Finalist
1998 Regional Finalist
1999 Regional Quarterfinalist
2000 Regional Finalist
2001 Regional Quarterfinalist
2003 Regional Quarterfinalist
2004 Regional Finalist
2005 Area Finalist
2006 Regional Quarterfinalist
2007 Area Finalist
2008 Area Finalist
2009 Regional Quarterfinalist
2010 Area Finalist