Monday at about 2:19 AM, Orange police were dispatched to the 2600 block of Allie Payne in reference to an assault. On arrival, Officer M.C. Bernard met with Brandy Hamilton, who said her fiance, John Lebouef, had assaulted her.

Hamilton stated that she and Lebouef were involved in an argument over money. She advised officers that she picked Lebouef up at Northway Shopping Center and an argument began about some missing money.

Hamilton went on to say that as she and Lebouef drove to her apartment, the argument got worse, and became physical when Lebouef struck her on the right side of her face with the back side of his open hand.

At that time, Hamilton warned Lebouef to leave or she would call police, and he left.

A witness at the scene, Deborah Font, told police she could hear the couple arguing about money, but didn’t see Lebouef strike Hamilton. She also said she tried to calm Lebouef down by trying to explain why the money was missing from his account, but he became angered again.

Font said she was able to hear a scuffle in the other room, and heard Hamilton tell Lebouef to get his hands off her

Hamilton told officers that she felt pain to the right side of her face at the time of the assault and it still hurt while officers were on the scene. Hamilton also stated that she would not be seeking medical attention, but she did wish to file charges for assault. Police noted that her face was red and they took photographs of Hamilton.

Lebouef was located by other officers leaving the scene and was placed under arrest for Class A assault (family violence).

Lebouef provided a statement saying that he and Hamilton had been in an argument over money. He advised the officer that he became upset and slapped her.