The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, along with the District Attorney’s Office and the Texas Rangers are still in the process of conducting the death investigation of Staci Lisenby, of Orangefield. Sheriff Merritt and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are committed to conducting a thorough investigation. We have been unable to release detailed information to the public because doing so could interfere with this sensitive investigation.

Sheriff Merritt would like to reassure the citizens of Orange County that his office is doing everything possible to close this investigation. At this time, no arrests have been made but several leads are being followed. Investigators have been working non-stop since Sunday, Feb. 20 interviewing and searching every possible person and location.

Sheriff Merritt is aware that there are numerous rumors circulating throughout the county about this case. Sheriff Merritt would like to ask all citizens to use their good judgment and question the reliability of information sources. Misinformation can interfere with the Sheriff’s Office’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation. When available, information will be released from the Sheriff’s Office to reputable media outlets and will also be posted on the Sheriff’s Office Web site ( and Facebook ( page.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about this case to please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-670-4125 or 409-883-2612.