Thanks to a $968,000 grant from the Texas Department of Rural Affairs, the Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery-Street Improvement Project has begun this week in the City of West Orange.

Those streets that were submerged during Hurricane Ike will have significant improvements, ranging from repairs and resurfacing to having the base reconstructed and then new surfacing. The repairs done will be dependent upon the condition of the street and its base. All streets have been inspected by engineers and they have determined the work to be done.

The major street to be repaired will be Western Avenue, from Jasper Street eastward to Adams Bayou. This work will begin; weather permitting, within the next 2 weeks. Every attempt will be made to keep one lane of the road open to allow for traffic flow, but travelers may wish to take an alternate route where available to save time.

The following streets will be having repairs and resurfacing work done within this project:

  • Holly Street from Austin to Bonnie
  • Houston Street from Flint to Albany
  • Crockett Street from Flint to Albany
  • Lisa Lane
  • Travis Street from Irving to Flint
  • Delano Street from its south end to Bowie
  • Kelly Street from its west end to Newton
  • Hilltop Street from its west end to Newton
  • Kathleen Street from its west end to Newton
  • Crabtree Street from Holly to Dayton
  • Galveston Street
  • W. Bonham Street from its west end to Flint
  • Bonham Street from Dayton to its east end
  • E. Bonham Street from Albany to its east end
  • Sherrill Street
  • Smith Street from Flint to its east end
  • Milam Street from Delano to its east end
  • E. Travis Street from Delano to its east end
  • E. Smith Street from Delano to its east end
  • Hogg Street
  • Spell Street
  • Collins Street
  • Western Avenue from Jasper Street to Adams Bayou

The order in which these streets are listed has nothing to do with the order in which they will be repaired. The City has no control over that issue. It will be done at the discretion of the contractor and grant administrator.

The Mayor and City Council respectfully request the patience of all residents as well as others who travel through West Orange, and further asks that everyone proceed through these areas slowly and with extra caution during this time of reconstruction.