An Orange man was arrested Thursday morning for public intoxication, after police had been dispatched on a disturbance call. At 1:23 AM, Officer Michael Roush responded to 2319 Riverside in Orange.

Officer Roush made contact with the home owner, Larry Stevens when he arrived at the scene and was advised by Stevens that Frank Trevino was causing a disturbance.

Stevens told officers that Trevino had been asked to leave the property and he would not do so. Stevens called police for assistance when Trevino began causing problems. Stevens said he did not want Trevino on his property.

Upon speaking with Trevino, Officer Roush detected the smell of an unknown alcoholic beverage on his breath and observed that his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Trevino was also staggering when walking and officers believed him to be intoxicated on an unknown substance and felt if left alone, he would be a danger to himself and others.

Trevino was placed under arrest and transported to the Orange County Jail.

While at the jail, Officer Roush heard Trevino tell Orange County Jail staff that “he had been drinking beer and smoking crack that within the last few hours.”