Friday evening, Orange Police responded to a report that a white car with green doors was chasing a truck tractor west on IH-10. Minutes later, they were reported to be traveling through the Brownwood subdivision, then east on IH-10.Officers began searching east on IH-10 and stopped the car at the Texas Travel Center, near the Texas/Louisiana border.

In the meantime, Officer W. Longlois stopped at 333 Luthcer Dr. in the event the car and tractor truck returned on west n IH-10. While the officer was in the parking lot, he was approached by a person who said he had witnessed an argument, and the car chasing the truck. The witness told the officer the person he saw arguing with the truck driver was known to him as Robert Johnson.

He also said Johnson had beat on the truck as it was driving away. The witness also told Officer Longlois he had seen two women in the white car that Johnson had driven away in.

Officer Longlois went to the travel center and saw that Captain Davis and Officer Campbell of the Orange Police Department had stopped the white car and that Robert Dale Johnson was standing outside the car. He approached Johnson and observed that Johnson appeared to be agitated, confused and displayed swings in his emotions.

Upon a search of the car, officers found items to ingest crack cocaine. Given the known history of Johnson’s history of illegal drug use, and the nature of the call that initiated the investigation, Johnson was placed under arrest for intoxication.

A female, Heather Allen was also arrested in the course of the investigation. Another female, Rebecca Mirange was released at the scene without charges.