Tuesday afternoon, Orange police was dispatched to the area of 10th and Cordrey in Orange. Officer James Davis responded to the call in reference to a black man on a bicycle that had just completed a drug transaction with a white van at that location.

The man on the bicycle was last seen riding west on Crodrey, then south on 6 th St. towards Navy Addition. Officer Davis advised dispatch that he was in the area and would assist Officer Roush in the call.

Officer Davis arrived in the area at 2:03 PM, and observed a black male wearing a black hat, black shirt and red pants on a purple/blue bicycle. He was riding on the sidewalk in the school zone for North Early Learning Center.

Officers continued to watch the bicyclist as he rode onto 6th St. officers conducted a traffic stop on the man at the intersection of 6th and Knox. As officers made contact with him, he identified himself as Jamirah Papillion.

When asked if he had spoken with a subject in a white van, he said he had not. Papillion was observed to become nervous and evasive with his eyes as officers spoke with him. He then put his foot on the bicycle pedal as if he were going to ride away.

Officers asked Papillion to stay seated on the bicycle and he was informed officers were going to conduct a pat down of his outer garments for weapons. He was also advised to keep his hands up during the search.

As Papillion was being patted down, he reached into his left pants leg pocket and Officer Davis pulled the man’s hand from his pocket, at which time Papillion jumped off the bicycle and began running east towards 7th St.

Officer Davis ran after Papillion and informed Papillion if he did not stop, he would be tased. The suspect continued to run through yards and between residences. Papillion was again seen to reach into his left pocket, and then fell to the ground as his pants fell around his ankles.

Officers saw Papillion jump up throw two clear plastic bags that landed a few feet away from him. As officers approached Papillion, the taser was pointed at him as he was again advised to stop running.

Papillion again tried to run away, at which time Officer Davis administered a five second cycle of his taser into Papillion. Officer Davis told Papillion to roll onto his stomach and extend his arms and not move from that position, to which he complied.

Officers observed that one of the plastic bags contained several off white rock like substances that was recognized as crack cocaine. The other bag held a leafy substance that was recognized to be marijuana.

Officer Roush arrived a short time later and placed Papillion into handcuffs. The two bags and taser probes were placed into a plastic glove as evidence.

As officers tried to treat the spots where Papillion was tased, he became combative, and would not allow officers to touch him. He was transported to Orange County Jail.

Papillion was charged with an outstanding warrant, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and evading detention.

Papillion’s bicycle was released to the custody of Bryan Foster, per Papillion’s request.