The events of the last few days, the death of Staci Lisenby, and the arrest of her young son is depressing to me because it’s just so sad. We had no doubt; from the minute we heard the slightest details, that this crime wasn’t done by some murderer on the loose in the area. My heart bleeds for everyone involved, the Lisenby family, the Hebert family, Staci’s friends and co-workers, as well as her students and her son’s classmates. It’s just all so senseless, unexplainable and terrible. It wasn’t a difficult crime to solve but it was a case that had to be handled diligently and without error. I believe Sheriff Keith Merritt, his officers, the DA’s office and other assisting law enforcement handled this case as well as it could be under the situation. The Sheriff was in a position that he was limited on what he could release. I personally believe Sheriff Merritt, with guidance from the DA’s office, did a good job on a very touchy case. Remember there was a juvenile involved. That is always handled differently than a murder committed by an adult. I believe the sheriff should be praised for not alarming the community and the neighborhood by going out on a witch-hunt and causing chaos that wasn’t warranted. No criticism should be aimed at law enforcement in any way. They did good police work and they didn’t rush into it. I bet they dotted the I’s and crossed very T. We all wish that it had never happened and are puzzled about why a mind can go so off track and take the life of someone they love. It will be a long tough road for the family. We should all pray for them. *****Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, unlike other leaders in recent times, has no place to turn. He is now a criminal that has hired thugs to kill his own people. He can’t run and he can’t hide. How long he can last remains the question. Gadhafi’s militia is holding fast in the capital of Tripoli. Fear is that Libya could fall into anarchy when Gadhafi departs one way or the other, leaving the country to tribal bloodletting civil war, outside Islamic terrorists and a bad situation that shuts down the oil production. What form the instability will take and how long it will last is another question. The United States military is repositioning naval and air forces around Libya. The U.S. government said all options are on the table. Exile is not an option for Gadhafi; he’s a wanted man. He’ll fight to the end, but he’s a dead man. *****Well, I’ve gotta move on. Please come along, it won’t do you no harm.


We forget that men who came here to find a new life and new opportunities instead found war. Their belief in Texas brought death to many but Texas inherited an indomitable spirit. Actually, we should celebrate an entire week because it is also the week the Alamo fell. Those brave men at the Alamo fought to preserve this state. Had Santa Anna overwhelmed the Alamo quickly, the outcome at San Jacinto might have been different. Maybe God predetermined that Sam Houston should lead Texas because you see; he too was born on March 2, in 1782, in Rockbridge County, Va. An Orange Countian, Claiborne West, signed the Declaration of Independence, at Washington on the Brazos, and has a park named in his honor in Orange County. The late County Judge Grover Halliburton established the Claiborne West Park. Donna Scales, park director, honors Halliburton for his foresight. Texas is not only a state in the minds of many; it is a whole other country. Thanks to the brave men who gave their lives so Texas could be a great state.


Democratic state senators in Wisconsin reportedly have fled the state and are hidden out to stop a vote on a bill, introduced by Gov. Scott Walker, that they viewed as union busting. The idea to flee as not to have a quorum is not new. The Killer Bees in Texas was an idea born by Texas State Senator Carl Parker, who represented our district in 1979. The Killer Bees didn’t flee the state however. Unable to find lodging that would hide them from law enforcement, they hid out in Dora McDonald’s garage apartment. She was Parker’s top hand and was well known by many of us. In the end, the Texas Killer Bees were successful against Lt. Bill Hobby’s plan to call an early presidential primary in Texas that would hurt the labor movement and help elect conservative candidates. I don’t believe the Wisconsin Bees will stop Gov. Walker and his rubber stamp majority, but it is bringing national attention to one of many states who are dead set on destroying collective bargaining for union workers, teachers, firemen, policemen, office workers, etc. Knowing Carl for many years, it’s no surprise that he hatched the Killer Bee idea. He’s that smart.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Allene Yokum, age 75, who passed away on Feb. 24. We had known Allene since the late 1950’s. We enjoyed many hours of her picking and singing. She packed her guitar wherever she went and was ready to entertain at a moments notice. Her great voice could belt out almost any song you requested. One she always played for me was “The High Sheriff and Police are Coming After Me.” She was otherwise a quite, soft-spoken lady. A good woman. To husband Jimmy and his family, we send our sincere condolences. May she rest in peace. See obit. *****Our condolences go out also to the family of James Otha Crumpler, 84, founder of Crumpler shipbuilding in Orange and Crumpler Machine Shop, the oldest consistent business in Bridge City. Mr. Crumpler passed away Feb. 25. Service was held Sunday, Feb. 27. To his children who we have known throughout their young lives in Bridge City, daughters, Sherilyn, Ann, Jana and sons James and Steve, their families, we extend our deepest sympathies. He was a good man. Please see obits.


Hard to believe that 31 years ago this week, Tuesday, March 4, 1980, the ribbing cutting and grand opening ceremonies for Wal-Mart 280th store and first in this area was held at Bridge City. Manager of the new store was Frank Boren. Over 100 city, county and area dignitaries attended. Mr. Sam Walton talked to the crowd. He commented that the Bridge City store was one of their finest and the response to the opening was the best ever. Roy Dunn, publisher of the Opportunity Valley News, served as Master of Ceremonies. In attendance were county judge Pete Runnels and Bridge City mayor Gordon Harvey, who took part in the ribbon cutting. Miss Bridge City, Teresa Hearn and Mr. Sam cut the ribbon. At the time Wal-Mart only went into communities with populations below 15 thousand. At the time Mr. Sam couldn’t have envisioned how Super Wal-Mart’s would end up being the largest retailer in the country and now all over the world. The Bridge City store is one of few small stores remaining in the chain.

13 Years Ago-1998

Kelly Ray Thompson, age 30, a former resident of Orange, has been charged with the stabbing death of a Washington woman on Feb. 10. Thompson confessed to the murder of Cathy Jean Jacks Webb, 41, of Tacoma. Thompson also claimed to have killed her boyfriend, which turned out not to be true. Sheriff’s deputy Ted Betts had stopped Thompson on suspicion of DWI when he confessed to the murder. Law enforcement, unaware there had been a murder, went to her apartment. A large, bloody knife was on the kitchen table and Jacks Webb’s body was on the kitchen floor covered with a blanket. Thompson wove a chilling tale of murders in California, Colorado and Texas. In Orange, Thompson lived at 607 Orange Ave., worked at the Brown Center where the wedding to his wife Penny, a local Orangite, had taken place. Everyone was shocked at the news. Kelly was well liked by those who knew him. He had married and settled down to make Orange home when he abruptly disappeared in January. (Editor’s note: We here at the newspaper heard from Kelly for a couple of years after the murder but haven’t heard since. He is serving a life sentence.)*****Vickie Edgerly, chief deputy in the district clerk’s office, is running for the office. *****County clerk, Karen Jo Vance, is running for re-election. She has 22 years experience in the offices, first as a worker then as the boss. *****The quote of the week comes from Buckshot Winfree, port board president. At the going away party of port director Roger Richard, who resigned to take a job in Baton Rough, Buckshot, while presenting a going away plaque, turned to port commissioner Joel Steirman and said, “Here Joel, you present this plaque, you had more to do with him leaving than anyone else.”*****Former Orangefield pole-vaulter Jacob Davis won first place at the Big 12, indoor championships, with a vault of 18.5 feet. He hopes to win the national championship for the Texas
Longhorns. *****Shane Dronett signed a two-year contract with coach Dan Reeves and the Atlanta Falcons. *****Former West Orange-Stark and A&M star Kevin Smith has his contract with the Dallas Cowboys extended to 2003. *****Celebrating birthdays are pretty Vickie Brown and her dad Earl Drake. Also celebrating is Jerry Bell. *****Modica Brothers Tire dealers opens a store on 16th. St. John Broussard is the manager. *****Ted Selman, 47, filed for port board. *****Wayne Reeh announced his candidacy for county judge. *****Sheriff Capt. David Peck is a candidate for Justice of the Peace, Place 1. *****Judge Marlin Shelton asks for re-election to J.P. Pct. 3. *****A.R. Morgan is candidate for county commissioner, Pct. 2. *****Republican Cimron Campbell seeks J.P. post, Pct. 2, against longtime J.P. Marlin Shelton. (Editor’s note: Campbell won and was the first Republican elected in Orange County.)*****Todd Lindsey is candidate for county commissioner, Pct. 2.*****Vanessa Meaux seeks county clerk’s office against incumbent Karen Jo Vance. *****Mary Lou Klinkhammer opposes Vickey Edgerly for district Clerk.


Kay Butler, Craig Nugent, Apryl Carter, Tommy Andrus, Brittany Waguespack, Franklin Scales, Lori Bonds, Joan Broussard, Andy Pryor, Donna Sullivan, Carolyn Miller, Vickie Parish, Darrell Evans, Jo Young, Frances Brood, Travis Reeves, Barron Nimitz, Carolyn Sheppard, Cathy Kimbrow, Lenzi Childress, Carolyn Hillsten, Don Bayliss, Pete Powell, Jerry Maldonado, Sam Moore, Trubie Beebe, John Philps, Kristen Rucker, Genevieve Simon, Glyndon Childress, Dana Bourque, Jennifer Barclay, Mike White, Libby Mitchell, Misty Thurman, Rick Trahan, Charles Day, Leisa Miller, Shelly Granger, Carol Smith, Christi Wiegreffe, David Thibodeaux, Pat Pate, Ryan Buker, Liz Weaver and Angela Burris.


Roy writes this week in Down Life’s Highway, about how Mardi Gras was celebrated in South Louisiana when he was a boy. No big balls in Abbeville. There are still people around here who recall those Mardi Gras days. One is Betty Harmon, who was raised in the small Cajun community of Lacassine. Their celebration was very much the way he recalls it in his community. Ask Betty about it. By the way, would you believe she was on her way to becoming a nun when Corky found her and Roy and a couple of his friends were considering on working toward the priesthood. Roy and Betty have a lot in common. Neither one could speak English when they started school, both mostly were raised by a grandmother and both had wayward dads who flew the coupe early. *****Speaking of Cajuns, our buddy Jessie Domingue is now retired from the oilrigs and has put a band together called Jessie & Company. He’s back to his first love of singing and entertaining.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week. Our friend coach Sam Moore marks another birthday on March 6. We saw Sam at a JV baseball tournament where he watched several of his students play. Sam operates The Zone, a baseball school where he teaches hitting and pitching. Registration is now open for new classes beginning after spring break. ***A wonderful lady, Pat Pate, celebrates her day on March 8.***Carolyn Sheppard is also celebrating. She and Buddy have moved away from Bridge City but still keep up with us on our website.***Franklin Scales is a year older this week. We don’t see or hear from him now days but hope his health is all right. ***Libby Mitchell, a nice lady, very smart, who served on Orange City Council. Happy birthday to you fine folks. *****Ace Amedo came by to visit. His girls brought him. His mind is not perfect anymore but he still remembers events like when he and Roy drove from Orange to Dallas in four hours and 45 minutes. Ace was driving and Roy required a change of clothes. *****We understand that J.W. “Kid” Henry is alive and well in the Philippines. A rumor had him passing on. The Rev. Henry has a lot of life left in him. *****Pinehurst city administrator Robert Ewart will resign in May and head out to the Hill Country and campout at his 15-acre place to watch the sun rise and beautiful sunsets. He will be a few miles out of Uvalde. Robert is doing a good job and was hoping to see the new city hall complete before his departure. It will be a close call. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will meet at Robert’s this week and be back at Novrozsky’s next, where Uncle Jim always serves up some good vittles. Everyone is always welcome. Just drop by and enjoy the fellowship. *****Several of our public officials and citizens attended Golden Triangle Days in Austin Sunday and Monday. It will be interesting to learn if they got anywhere with a variety of issues. One being the completion of IH-10 repairs from Adams Bayou to the Sabine River.


On March 3, Jessica Biel will be 29. ***March 4, Catherine O’Hara, 57; Patricia Heaton, 53; Steven Weber, 50; Chaz Bono, 42 and Landon Donavan, 29. ***March 5, Kevin Connolly, 37 and Eva Mendes, 37. ***March 6, Tom Arnold, 52; Shaquille O’Neal, 39; Rob Reiner, 64 and Michael Finley, 38. ***March 7, Wanda Sykes, 47; Peter Sarsgaard, 40; Rachel Weisz, 40 and Jenna Fischer, 37. ***March 8, Aidan Quinn, 52; Freddie Prinze, Jr., 35; James van der Beek, 34 and Kathy Ireland, 48.


Marie Primeaux stop by Dr. Mouton’s office. She had some bad bruises and maybe a broken jaw. Dr. Mouton ake, “Mais Marie, wat happen to you hanh.”
Marie say, “Well, it’s like dis Doc everytime Tee Man come home drunk him, he beat me up.”
The doctor said, “I believe I have a good remedy for dat me.”
“Wat’s dat,” Marie ake.
“Well do wat I say, “ said da doctor. “Wen he come home and he’s been drinking, jus take a glass of sweet tea, swish it around in you mouth, jus swish but don’t swallow until he goes to bed and fall asleep.”
“O.K. Doc, I’ll so dat me,” Marie said.
About four or tree weeks later, Marie come back to da doctor’s office.
“Doc,” she say, “Dat was da best idea, everytime Tee Man come home drunk, I swish dat sweet tea until he go to sleep an he don’t touch me. See, I got no bruises.”
Da doctor look at Marie and he say, “Marie, now you see how keeping you mouth shut helps.”


Ms. Pearl Burgess came by to bring her latest poem. I believe one of her best. Pearl mowed her lawn, cleaned out all the dead plants and planted a new batch of bulbs. She’s 90 years old, makes me ashamed of myself. I did five minutes of yard work and had to come in because I was pooped. *****Let me tell you about a little place called PawPaw’s located on Hwy. 1442 at 105, next to Burger Town. Paw Paw Harvey cooks up some great specialties. About three times a week he makes the best cracklins I’ve eaten since I was a boy. Check out his specially prepared, unique foods. *****On April 1, David Burch will open Bridge City Trade Days. Loads of stuff to make good buys on. The Trade Days will be held at the Mann Complex on Texas Ave.*****Economist say GOP cuts would cost 700,000 jobs. What we need is more jobs and lower gas prices. *****Our family of advertisers report that business is up. At David Self Hometown Ford, David says several customers took advantage of their lowered prices last week. Everyone wins when you go through our pages and deal with our family of advertisers. I encourage them to run special prices for Record readers. Remember, they also bring you this paper delivered to you free each week. *****I’ve got to close out for another week. Thanks for your time and thanks for your loyalty. Watch the car behind the one in front of you. Take care. I’ll see you again on Ash Wednesday. God bless.