A woman was arrested Tuesday night for violating a previous criminal trespass order against her. Shilo Sheppard, 32 of Orange, was taken into custody after police were notified she was on the property soliciting.

Officer Byrun Perry responded to the Pilot Truck Stop on Hwy.62 in Orange at 11:50 P.M. to find a blue Suburban in the west parking lot. The driver Chi Son Taylor said that he was there with a friend. Taylor stated the friend was Sheppard.

When officers questioned Sheppard, she told them she was there “visiting someone.” She was also in the west parking lot in the cab of a tractor trailer.

Officers were advised that Sheppard had a trespass warning issued against her by Pilot Truck Stop in May of 2010.

Sheppard and Taylor were taken inside the Pilot store where Officer Perry made contact with the store manager. The manager stated in her witness statement that Sheppard was going from truck to truck knocking on doors offering sex in exchange for money. She also stated that she wished to file charges on Sheppard for violating the trespass warning.

Sheppard was placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass, and a trespass warning was issued against Taylor.