Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls between March 2, and the morning of March 3:

Assist public, 201 8th St.

Possession of barbiturate, 2nd and Curtis

Family violence, 911 4th

Family violence 1521 37th St.

Possession of cocaine, 2nd and Curtis

Damaged property, 600 MLK

Disorderly conduct, 208 Decatur

Possession of hallucinogen, Oakwood Village

Hitand run with vehicle damage, 976 Beagle

Possession of marijuana, 1517 37th

Possession of marijuana, 2nd and Curtis

Miscellaneous incidents, 1512 10th St.

Public service, 1011 Ruby Lane

Possession of drug paraphernalia, 14th and Curtis

Possession of drug paraphernalia, 10th and Curtis

Simple assault, Ridgemont

Theft, 401 16th St.

Theft, 209 W. Decatur

Traffic accident, 7112 IH-10

Traffic accident, 7112 IH-10

Traffic accident, 7014 N. Hwy. 87 Cypress Plaza

Warrant service, 37th St. at Kenwood