A man was arrested at the Little Cypress Junior High School Friday evening for possession of marijuana. Officer J.E. Davis was patrolling an extra patrol at the LCJHS and observed a vehicle drive in behind him, and behind the gym as he patrolled the back alley.

Officer Davis’ headlights were off at the time and the vehicle behind him did not see the patrol unit. The suspects vehicle then turned into the grass field and stopped behind the gym.

There have been several burglaries in this area and Officer Davis turned his patrol unit toward the suspect to make contact with the occupants of the vehicle. As the officer approached the vehicle, he turned on his spotlight and pointed it toward the car.

Officer Davis saw the reverse lights come on and the vehicle attempted to back up. The vehicle backed in front of the officer’s car and turned head on with the patrol unit.

When the officer got out of his vehicle, the suspect vehicle attempted to drive toward the officer. Officer Davis drew his service handgun and pointed it toward the vehicle at which time it stopped.

Officers noticed there were three occupants inside the vehicle and Officer Davis instructed all three to exit the car, and to raise their hands so he could see them. At that time officers began to identify the suspects.

One of the suspects, Edward Lily, who smelled strongly of burned marijuana, was searched and was found to be in possession of a green leafy substance. When asked what it was, Lily claimed not to know. When asked if officers could remove the substance from Lily’s pocket, he advised they could remove it. A clear plastic bag was removed and the contents were recognized as marijuana.

The driver of the vehicle, Trevvin Tremaine Jones had already been removed from the vehicle and searched for weapons.

Another passenger in the vehicle verbally identified herself as Rachel Judge.

After a check of the vehicle for further contraband, officers arrested Lily for possession of marijuana, a class B offense.