Orange police officer J.E. Baggett was dispatched to the 2200 block of Autumn Oak Lane Saturday evening on a disturbance call. When he arrived at the home, the front door was ajar. As he approached the front of the residence, he heard what sounded like a female’s voice yelling from inside.

Officer Baggett immediately entered the home and followed the sound of the voice to a bedroom. As he entered the room, he saw Robyn Clemmons holding Thomas Pattillo on the ground.

Another male, identified as Samuel Schwartz, was also in the bedroom saying Pattilllo “has gone crazy.” Upon hearing this statement, Officer Baggett believed Pattillo to be the aggressor in the disturbance.

Pattillo was detained and escorted to the officer’s patrol unit, at which time Officer Baggett noticed scratch marks on Pattillo’s back.

Once Pattillo was secured in the patrol car, Officer Baggett made contact with Schwartz, who advised officers that he is in a dating relationship with Clemmon’s daughter and has been residing at the residence on Autumn Oaks Lane with Clemmons and Patillo for several weeks.

Schwartz told officers that Pattillo and Clemmons had been involved in a verbal argument for several hours and that Pattillo turned his aggression toward him for an unknown reason. He also told police that Pattillo began making threats to him saying “I will kill you”, and that he came towards Schwartz in an aggressive manner and in an attempt to fulfill the threats.

Schwartz stated he was in fear of immediate harm. He said Pattillo was able to reach him, but was pushed away. Clemmons assisted Schwartz by pushing Pattillo to the ground and held him until police arrived.

When questioned, Robyn Clemmons told a similar occurrence of events as Schwartz provided. When asked about the scratches on Pattillo’s back, Clemmons told officers that he fell against the brick fire place inside the living room due to being intoxicated.

When officers questioned Pattillo about his injuries, he was confused on how he obtained them.

Pattillo was placed under arrest for terrorist threats and transported to the Orange County Jail.

Witness statements were taken from Clemmons and Schwartz. Schwartz stated in his statement that he did not wish to pursue charges.