Road Construction will begin on East Roundbunch Road in Bridge City on March 14.
The City of Bridge City Public Works Department will restrict all through traffic on the road in order to do spot repairs and reconstruction. The construction project will affect the portion of East Roundbunch Road between Texas Ave. and Stewart St.

The road closure will continue for the duration of the project, between 60 and 90 days.
The estimate is a liberal one that allows for weather delays and any other hindrances that may arise.  People who live and work nearby will be allowed access to the road, but there will be barricades on each end of the construction preventing through traffic. 

Jerry Jones, city manager for Bridge City, stated “We hate to inconvenience anybody, but that road is getting in pretty bad shape so we felt like we needed to go ahead and do it.
Ideally, we like to do these things when school is out . . . but that’s just not possible with all of the work we have to do this year.  We’ve got to go ahead and start on it.”

The project is the first of several road construction projects to be funded with a $9.689 million grant awarded to Bridge City by the Texas Department of Rural Affairs. The grant is intended for recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Ike 2008.  After East Roundbunch Road. is complete, Stewart Street and Nevils Street will receive attention, followed by Jones Street and Roberts Street. Other areas to be addressed are Blueberry Street, Bland Drive, Rachal Avenue, and Lake Street. The East Roundbunch project accounts for 4400 linear feet of the 12 miles of road that are targeted for repairs and reconstruction.

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