A woman reported that her ex-husband tried to hit her with his vehicle as she attempted to leave work at Orange Shipbuilding Friday evening. Nicole Byrd stated that both she and her ex-husband work at the shipyard.

Byrd told Officer Kelly Griffin that she got off work at 6:00 PM and was walking to her vehicle which was located in the employee parking lot. She said she was standing just inside the parking lot gate when she observed her ex-husband in his truck with the engine running.

Byrd stated that she stood at the gate when the suspect spun his tires in the rock parking lot and drove toward her. She said that when the suspect’s vehicle was approximately 15 feet from her, he slammed on the brakes, but the vehicle didn’t stop on the gravel.

The vehicle continued to slide toward Ms. Byrd until the front bumper struck her in the upper left thigh. She says she was not injured, but she does wish to file charges for the assault.

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