“What the heck was that?”

It’s a question frequently asked in the paranormal community, usually when something unexpected happens during an investigation or during analysis of data collected. Always in search of the truth, there usually are more questions than answers.

The last few years, reality shows of investigators or “ghost hunters,” if you will, seeking evidence of the paranormal has become very popular. Many paranormal groups have popped up all over the country. There are several in the Golden Triangle area.

Then there are those people who are very curious about the afterlife, but not adventurous enough to investigate for themselves, or have a fear of the unknown. For those individuals, the Texas Ghost Show is scheduled for March 19 at the Beaumont Civic Center. It will give the general public the opportunity to hear first hand from investigators featured on some of their favorite shows and authors of books on the subject.

Hosted by the Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators (TSPI), the 2nd annual Texas Ghost Show has been a year in the planning. Speakers slated for the event includes the “newest kids on the block,” Brad and Barry Klinge of “Ghost Lab.” The entire cast will be on hand and the “Ghost Lab” will be on display. The Klinge brothers started Everyday Paranormal in 2007 after spending 17 years collecting evidence.


Also on the slate of speakers are Father Andrew Calder from “Paranormal State,” Author and medical intuitive, Dr. Rita Louise, Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, David Rountree and escape artist Aron Houdini. Ghostology’s Brian and Anna Marie will emcee the show. Booths include Museum of the Weird, aura photography, several paranormal groups, representatives from the Pride House in Jefferson, the Freestone County Museum and other prime paranormal destinations. Super Circuits will be on hand offering equipment for sale.


“Oprah of the Paranormal” Ericka Boussarhane, and medium Tiffany Johnson from “Psychic Kids” will hold gallery readings during the day.

Tickets are only $20. The doors open at 7:30 a.m. Presenters speak from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. The Beaumont Civic Center is located at 701 Main St., Beaumont. A limited amount of tickets are for sale at the County Record office in Orange at 320 Henrietta. They can be purchased Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The Record office is closed on Wednesday.

The MCM Elegante’ is offering a special room rate with code TXSP. For more information call Don Dennis at (409) 553-4456 or go to txparanormal.com

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Penny has worked at The Record Newspapers since 2006. A member of the editorial staff, she has "done everything but print it." Most frequently she writes entertainment reviews and human interest stories, with a little paranormal thrown in from time to time.She has been a lifelong member of the Orangefield community.