A vacant home in Orange was “destroyed” according to Officer William Langlois, of the Orange Police Department. Langlois responded to a call from Melanie James, assistant manager of some rental property owned by Orange Navy Homes. James showed officers the inside of the home when he arrived on the scene and told Officer Langlois she had inspected it the week before.

James told officers she was contacted about the damage by painters who were readying the property for a tenant.

The interior part of the air conditioning unit had been stolen from its closet. Officers observed a hole broken in the ceiling in the kitchen as well.

When officers went upstairs, they found the carpet had been pulled up from the floor and the OSB sub-flooring had holes in it exactly over the copper tubing that connects the interior and exterior portions of the central air conditioning unit. The copper tubing had been cut and stolen from the floor.

In the upstairs bathroom, the wall had been broken out and the copper fittings stolen from the interior portions of the tub faucets.

Photographs were taken and evidence was found at the scene. It is estimated that damages to the property are about $10,000.