An Orange man was bit by a pit bull Sunday at a home in the 200 block of Morrell. James Rhodes told Officer J.M. Busby that the dog was originally in a neighbor’s fenced back yard. Rhodes told police that he went to the residence and knocked on the door when the dog ran to the fence, and knocked the back gate open.

Rhodes told police that the dog then ran to him and lunged at him, latching onto and biting his right forearm. The owner of the dog, Octaviuan Rhodes exited his home and removed the dog from his neighbor’s arm. The dog had reportedly been attached to the man’s arm for three to five minutes.

A witness, Michael Brown told officers he was in his car in front of the house when he heard James Rhodes scream. Brown looked toward the house and saw a brown pit bull biting Rhodes on the arm. Brown also told police that Rhodes was in the front yard of the home where the dog lived when he was attacked. Brown said he did not get involved with the removal of the dog.

Officer Busby spoke with the dog’s owner, Octaviuan Rhodes who said he was inside his home when he heard screaming coming from the front of his residence. He said he then went outside and observed the pit bull biting his cousin James Rhodes.

James Rhodes had been bitten before by the dog according to Octaviuan Rhodes. Photos were taken of the man’s injuries.