Sunday afternoon, Orange police responded to the area of Bluebonnet and Edgar Brown Dr. in reference to a reckless driver. Upon arrival, Officer Aaron Carter spoke with a person who identified themselves as the person who reported the driver and pointed out the vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light.

Officer Carter drove his cruiser into position beside the suspect vehicle to look for signs of reckless driving. When the signal turned green, the vehicle stayed still for several seconds after other traffic had moved away.

When the vehicle finally did pull away from the signal, Officer Carter followed behind and observed the suspect fail to maintain a single lane and nearly collide with a vehicle following the opposite direction.

At this time, Officer Carter turned on his emergency lights and attempted to pull the suspect over. The suspect continued down Edgar Brown until turning on the service road, then onto Foreman Rd. The vehicle finally stopped at Foreman and Williams.

When Officer Carter approached the vehicle and had the driver step out, he was unsteady on his feet and unable to remain standing without leaning on the vehicle or holding on to it for support.

While officers spoke with the suspect, he was observed to have slow and slurred speech. He was also physically shaking and his stare was fixed and “distant”. He was slow to commands and was completely disoriented to the point the could not communicate any form of information.

The suspect was found to be too intoxicated to complete a standard field sobriety test and was transported to Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital for medical treatment, and blood specimens were taken.