DuPont Goodrich Federal Credit Union, in cooperation with Granger Chevrolet, presented Charlene DeGue of Lumberton with a four day cruise and a $4,000 voucher toward the purchase of her next car.

The Grand Prize was given on March 10 in celebration of the Grand Opening of the tenth Dupont branch, located on Edgar Brown Dr., near Wal-mart. The new branch opened on the last week of Jan. The giveaway was only one of many events associated with the month-long event. Other events include a carnival, Karaoke, tailgate parties, and family day. There were also more serious functions such as credit counseling and free credit reports.

During the month of February, customers from all ten locations could register for the giveaway when the opened a new account. On Feb. 28, DeGue was randomly selected from thousands of entries.

DeGue, standing beside her husband, stated, “I want to thank Dupont Federal Credit Union and Granger Chevrolet. I’ve never won anything before. This is very exciting! I’ve never been on a cruise. And I have always driven Chevrolets through the years, so I’m looking for a new Chevrolet.”

DeGue had not yet decided where she would like to go on her cruise, but she was excited that she had a choice. We join together with the community in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. DeGue on their good fortune.

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