The Shamrock is more than just a lucky charm symbol when connected with St. Patrick. Legend has it that Patrick used the shamrock to describe the Holy Trinity to the Irish. Just as a shamrock has three leaves that grow together from one stem, he explained that God was also three divine people, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The reason everyone is a-wee-bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day is because the Irish play important parts in our American history. The Irish made up nearly one half of the troops in the American Revolution, including 1,492 officers and 26 generals. Eight Irish Americans signed the Declaration of Independence. Here at home, we remember the Alamo but should also remember the Irish. Twelve of the men who gave their lives to the defense of Texas in the Alamo were from Ireland. Seventy Irish born received the Medal of Honor during the Civil War. In World War I, 202 Irish born soldiers received the Medal of Honor. Seven Union generals were Irish born, 151,000 Irish Americans fought for the North in the Civil War, 80,000 Irish fought for the South. Six Confederate generals were born in Ireland. The first two casualties of the Civil War were Irish. Let’s not forget Dick Dowling, the Irish hero at Sabine Pass. With just 47 Irish immigrates, six cannons and a surgeon, Lt. Dowling faced 5,000 Union troops who approached the pass on three ships. Richard William Dowling, an immigrant who fled to America during the great potato famine, opened a saloon in Houston and was also a semi-pro boxer. He was told to gather his own troops. He chose the Irish because they would fight. Union forces knew if they could capture Sabine Pass, they could cut off Texas from the rest of the South. So it is that our two nations have been united by history. Despite division by distance, no people ever believed more deeply in the cause of Irish freedom than the people of the United States. On St. Pat’s Day we’re all proud to celebrate the Irish. As for me, I’m a little bit Leprechaun. You’ve got to keep your eyes on me.*****Well, I’ve got to move on. Like the Leprechaun, the shoemaker who treasures his shoe making, I treasure the written word. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The 128th District Court Judge Pat Clark has not accepted the County Court at Law job yet. There is no reason to believe he won’t but first he must finalize his retirement from Dist. Court. Meanwhile, a few attorneys are jockeying for the appointment to replace Clark. Judge Troy Johnson will not be one of them. By the way, let me make a correction; he is not from Orangefield, although he has strong ties there. His wife teaches in OFISD. I know one son attends school there and its home to his in-laws. It’s splitting hairs but Judge Johnson wanted you to know. Attorney Alan Sanders, a lifelong Democrat, has joined the Republican Party. Not particularly for an appointment to the 128th Dist. Court but he will be a candidate, as a Republican for the post in 2012. *****In the last few days, we have noticed ground swell support by attorneys for Steve Parkhurst, a Democrat, for the appointment by Gov. Perry, when Judge Clark vacates the 128th Court. I really don’t know what being a Republican or Democrat has to do with being a judge. Qualifications are what matters. To me, a judge having to run with party affiliation is a no brainer, except if it’s an applet court or Supreme Court. The two above mentioned have the qualifications and that’s all that matters. Parkhurst may also switch parties. I’ve not sure about that. Gov. Perry can but doesn’t have to make an appointment; he could leave the court vacant until the next election. That’s not likely. I understand Cimaron Campbell might be interested in just filling out the term and not run for the post. Your guess, at this time, is as good as mine as to what will happen or who has the inside track. I’ll keep my ear to the ground.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Odette Simar, age 100, who died March 13. Services will be held at St. Mary Catholic Church in Orange at 2 p.m., Saturday. Visitation and rosary will be Friday, beginning at 5 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. We had known this good woman many years. She was an active member of Catholic Daughters of America, sang in St. Mary’s choir and was a Red Cross Motor Corps volunteer for years. She is survived by her grandchildren Paul, Gina and James and great-grandchildren Jessica, David and Jennifer. (Please see Obit.)*****Sonora Broussard, 85, passed away on March 13. She was the widow of the late Pat Broussard, her high school sweetheart and life-time partner. Service was held Wednesday, March 16 at 10 a.m. at St. Henry’s in Bridge City.

12 Years Ago-1999

Louisiana music legends, promoted by Tim Courville, perform at VFW. Several Swamp Pop artists appeared. Abbeville native Warren Storm, a session musician who had started his career as a drummer in his father’s band. He promoted a new release, “Take Me One More Time.” Also appearing was Lil Alfred, a former member of Cookie and the Cupcakes, from Lake Charles, Charles Mann, a native of Welsh, whose signature song was “Red, Red Wine.” (Editor’s note: The guys are still playing gigs. Warren is a high school classmate of Roy, just like the late Bobby Charles and Ned Theall were.)*****Celebrating birthdays are Curtis Lee, Euel Norwood, Micah Ivy, Eric Matthews, Pam Latiolais and Jack Luther.*****Eddie Blarkley, publisher of the Port Arthur News, was let go after 17 years, with the purchase of the News and Leader by Community newspapers.*****Margie and Harry Stephens are in Lake Tahoe. It is the first time they have been able to get away in a long time.*****Shane Dronett’s wife, Christy, is pregrant with their third child.*****Former J.P. Marlin Shelton was hired as right-of-way agent by Orange County Drainage District.*****Chrissy Knox became the bride of Tracy Sorge on Saturday, March 13 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The bride is a 1994 grad of Orangefield and has an associate degree as a legal assistant from Lamar. The groom is a 1990 Bridge City and Lamar Police Academy grad. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and is an Orange County Department Sheriff.

32 Years Ago-1979

Don Campbell, Junior Clark and Jimmy Conn are all in the hospital. Things were much quieter in town Campbell was in an auto accident, Clark was hospitalized with a bad flare up of ulcers and Conn was in the hospital for burns suffered in a home fire that killed his wife Inez. Ironically, all three of the very vocal guys are from East Texas. (Editor’s note: All of them are now deceased. Clark was Judge Pat Clark’s dad.)*****Don Burgess became Orange County’s newest district judge. *****Dr. David Olson, the husband of Barbara, was named Bridge City Rotarian of the Month. He has been a dentist in Bridge City since 1973. The Olson’s have one child, Michael. (Editor’s note: Since then, the Olson’s have a daughter. Both of their children are doctors. Dr. David still practices in Bridge City and Ms. Barbara still keeps things going on an even keel.)*****Angela Lapeyrolerie celebrated her second birthday. *****Tommy White, a good man, who pioneered many worthy causes, has died. *****Bridge City coaches played the Houston Oilers in a basketball game to benefit the Fellowship of Christian Athletes trip. Bridge City coaches playing were Al Barber, Randy Arnaud, Charles Miller, Terry Steubing, Tom Wooley, Barry Thibodeaux, Bruce Taylor, Sid Bratton and Randy Godsey. (Editor’s note: I remember those guys. Don’t know what became of most of them. Arnaud died last year.)*****Amos Roy has live crawfish for sale at his farms in Mauriceville. Just 75 cents a pound.*****Dee Dee James, Bridge City grad and Tyler Jr. College star was nominated for “College All American Basketball Team.”


Stevee Kidwell, Blane Slaughter, Buffy Doiron, Jordan Doiron, Karli Anderson, Leslie Paula Robinson, Dorothy Morris, Margie Baker, Cody Edwards, Brenda Swan, Ernie Edwards, John Tallant, Martha Dyer Howell, Luke McFarlane, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Tiffany Moreau, Ty Moreland, Elroy Edwards, Josh Sims, Geraldine Cherry, Beth Shepherd, Corky Harmon, Tammy Stark, Blaine Slaughter, Buffy Dioron, Christin Wright, Courtnie Campbell, Deborah Miller, Roman Carpenter, Hannah Walles, Brandy Mayo, Donna Fong, Abby Ludwig, Ben Walles, Jamie Preston, Jan Savage, Diane Sims, Keely Benefield, Kamela Latiolais, Brittany Backer, Erma Goss, Ester Brown, Barbara Mosier, Pam Nugent, Terry McFarlane, Ronelle Irvine, Kyle Anderson, Otto Whisenant, Ramona Huff, Harold Scales, Ruth Mason, Stephen McKenzie, Tanya Simon, Lisa Roberts, Shirley Musser, Waunice McReynolds, Robert Thomas, Kyle Leyendecker, Wanda Taylor, Carroll Kile, and Carsen Carpenter.


I don’t know how things could get much worse around the world. Could this be the seven years of tribulation that’s talked about in the bible? I’m not qualified to really comment on that but regardless, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are unreasonably bad. Even when seeing the pictures it’s hard to comprehend. One thing for sure, the world has taken its eyes off of the Libya and Kadafi conflict. I really believed he was a dead man, now he will murder many of the country’s young. Think of Haiti, Katrina and other storms and natural disasters and you come away thinking what’s next?*****We were sorry to hear about the death of Judge Pat Pate, attorney H.D. Pate’s brother. Judge Pate died last Thursday. H.D. is attending a memorial services in Oklahoma this week. Our condolences.*****We understand that our lifelong friend, C.J. “Rom P” Trahan is not doing well and is under Hospice care. He is a native of Abbeville. Our prayers go out to he and Dixie, whose first husband, Joe Dupuy, died of cancer in the 1980’s.*****We ran into Lyndia Permenter at the Big Lots store a few days ago. She is such a nice lady. I was so tired, plum worn out, and remember little of our conversation. I apologize for that. Meanwhile, she and Mayor T.W.’s grandson, Brian Latiolais, recently returned to the states from Afghanistan, where he serves in the Army. Brian attended the Lunch Bunch with his grandfather.***** The Lunch Bunch gathering drew over 30 people last week. Even Bobby Fillyaw and former mayor C.J. Huckabay came. Did you know Bobby and Ron Lewis grew up together and both of their dads served on commissioner’s court. Bobby’s dad was also county judge. Ron’s dad, Bo, was a longtime commissioner. The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s and be back dining with Uncle Jim at Novrozsky’s next week.*****I guess by now you’ve heard Judge Joe Parkhurst will be the new interim Pinehurst city administrator. Meantime, he’ll work with Robert Ewart who is retiring. Parkhurst looks forward to the challenge. He’ll do well, he works at his job. Meanwhile, Judge Derry Dunn, J.P. will take over duties as city judge.*****David Self’s Hometown Ford has been doing good business during the ongoing dealership wide promotion, “Selling for less to keep people at home.” Babette Philpott is one who took advantage of the great prices and purchased a new pickup from Brandy Slaughter at David Self’s.*****The Bum Phillips Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Hughen School in Port Arthur will be held April 14 to 17. Former Oilers, Dan Pastorini, Willie Alexander, David Carter, Roger Hurst and others will be in attendance, also Jordan Babineaux and Kevin Millar. Entertainment by Clay Walker, Neal McCoy, Zona Jones, with more to be added.*****Al Judice and Donnie Berard were knocking out boiled crawfish at Peggy’s on the Bayou Saturday night. Lyle Overman does the entertaining. Peggy’s arm is in a sling but it hasn’t slowed her down. She has fallen twice lately and a few months ago she broke an ankle, now it’s the shoulder. Al’s wife, Michell, was in New York visiting son, Nick Judice, who flew in from his home in London to celebrate his mom’s birthday in the Big Apple. We also hear that Ms. Lois, A.J. Judice’s widow, has taken up painting again. That’s a good thing because she’s good at it. She’s such a lovely lady.*****Congratulations to Ray and Virgie Fontenot, who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on March 5. Ray was an Air Force veteran in WWII. He’s retired from Dupont. They have one child Belinda Cormier. We wish them the best in the years ahead.*****Congrats to our buddy Matt Degeyter and Jennifer Leblanc, who plan on spending their lives together, starting with their wedding Saturday, April 9. We wish for you both as many years as the above mentioned 70 years of the Fontenot’s.*****Special folks celebrating birthdays this week. Hubert Meadows, turns 91.***Corky Harmon celebrates another one as does Harold Scales, Stephanie Hughes and Roman Carpenter.***FaceBook friends having birthdays are Marv Howland, March 18, also Ashlee Vespucci; On March 19, Lori Landry-Johnson; March 20, Robin Vercher and March 21, Krispen Choate and Michelle Haynes. Happy birthday to all.*****We were glad to hear that our longtime friend Roger Reineart, who is in St. Elizabeth, has been upgraded from critical to serious. Wife Wanda Beth has been by his side through this difficult time. Our prayers are with them. *****Rosalie Clark will have surgery in Houston and expects to be hospitalized six to eight weeks. We wish the very best to her. She’s one of our favorite people. May God bless her.*****It was no surprise that coach Steve Roccaforte was let go as head basketball coach at Lamar. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for him, he’s a good coach. Sometimes no matter what you do it just doesn’t come up to the level that is required. Coach Roc will land on his feet. He knows basketball.*****The Bridge City/Orangefield area will get two new restaurants. Romano’s, now on 16th. St. in Orange, will open on Roundbunch at Hwy. 408. Also, the Rusty Rooster. that has been on Hwy. 12, at Mauriceville, will open in Orangefield, on Hwy. 408 in the old Quality Meat building, near the Post Office.


On March 16, Jerry Lewis will be 85; Flavor Flav, 52; Rodney Peete, 45’ Lauren Graham, 44 and Dame Cook, 39.***On March 17, Kurt Russell will be 60; Gary Sinise, 56; Rob Lowe, 47 and Billy Corgan, 44.***March 28, Vanessa Williams, 48; Queen Latifiah, 41.***March 19, Glenn Close, 64, Bruce Willis, 56,and Kevin Smith, 48.***March 20, William Hurt, 61; Spike Lee, 54 and Holly Hunter, 53.***March 21, Timothy Dalton, 65; Gary Oldman, 53, Matthew Broderick, 49; Rosie O’Donnell, 49 and Kevin Federline, 33.***March 22, William Shatner, 80; Matthew Modine, 52 and Reese Witherspoon, 35.


Alex Dugas, who da peoples call “KuKu” around da little town of St. Martinville, he’s a half bubble off and considered da village idiot. Even though Dugas is a few brick short of a load, sometime he can be fairly sharp him. One day Clovis Comeaux and Roy Trahan were strolling up to da city hall wen dey spot Dugas fishing out of da water fountain in front. Clovis him, he wink at Roy and say, “Watch dis.” He walk up to Dugas and he say, “KuKu” you catching any fish hanh?” KuKu answer, “Mai yea, I sure am Comeaux, you da turd mullet I catch in da last hour.”


Its coming on a full moon Saturday and spring begins Sunday. Many are starting their yard work and breaking ground for gardens and planting. It’s a great time of the year to be in Southeast Texas. ***** The level of uncertainty in Japan, what could happen with those nuclear reactors, the 9-point quake and Tsunami, is really an international crisis. It also will affect markets around the world. ***** Usually gas goes up in spring and summer. I look for prices at the pump to come down. You may think I’m nuts but that’s my guess. *****The guessing game on the talk shows is who will be the GOP nominee. You’re smarter than me if you’ve figured which of the dozen candidates will win the GOP primary. I believe I know who won’t. *****Skipper Free called from Austin. She says there are thousands of schoolteachers in town who are very unhappy with the governor and legislature. Senior citizen groups are also at the capital. Over 100,000 teachers are expected to be without jobs and senior citizens thrown out of nursing homes. Who were the great managers of this state that got us in this shape? Can’t blame the Democrats on this one. Over $25 billion deficit. *****In 2012, Pepsi will come out with a new bottle that will be 100 percent recyclable. No plastic, no glass, no aluminum. What will it be? *****Thanks for your time. Support our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.