Feel like taking a little true and false quiz today? It is a simple one based upon the conservative Heritage Foundation and the liberal Huffington Post (like Fox, fair and balanced). It just measures how much you know about how our government is helping us. By government, I mean all parties and all administrations for the last several decades.
I think you’ll be surprised at the results.

1. Since 2000, the amount of money the federal government spends per household has risen by twenty-five percent to a staggering $20,000.00 per family.

2. In the next six years, interest will double on our national debt.

3. In 2009, 64.3 million Americans – almost one of every five – depended on government for their daily housing, food, and health care.

4. Congress passed a law that will force you to replace all your old reliable light bulbs with more expensive ones – bulbs that don’t work as well and include chemicals dangerous to your health

5. New federal standards on auto emissions will add about $500 to the sticker price of a new car!

6. When Washington passes a regulation, it is not legally required to estimate the financial cost of the new red tape on families, individuals, or businesses.

7. A former Obama official accused current administration of being indifferent to immigration problems.

1. False. $20,000 per household is the amount Washington politicians spent back in 2000! Today, they are spending $31,000 for every household, and increase of 33%.

2. False. In the next six years, interest will triple! Imagine your own personal debt tripling. If you’re like me, that would be catastrophic.

No wonder more Americans predict that their children’s lives will not be as prosperous or free as their own. But there is still time to act. Cutting federal spending, cutting regulations, and lowering taxes will unleash America’s economy and help reduce annual deficits and our total national debt

3. True. You tell me. Should one out of five Americans totally depend on the rest of us for all of their housing, food, and medical bills? Government welfare has created a class of dependent people. And unless steps are taken, this class will continue to grow. Right now, we’re into the third generation of welfare with the fourth baking in the oven.

4. True. In 2007, Congress imposed energy standards that effectively banned the traditional incandescent light bulb invented by Thomas Edison, which had faithfully served Americans for decades. The last American light bulb factory, in Winchester, Virginia, has closed. Soon, Americans will be forced to buy more expensive compact fluorescent bulbs, mostly made in China, which have higher malfunction rates and can expose you to dangerous amounts of mercury when broken.

5. False. It’s actually worse! Experts estimate those new emissions standards will actually add a thousand bucks to the price of a car! That car will now also be harder and more expensive to fix. And will this cut down on air pollution from autos? Not likely, because research indicates the regulation will force more people to hold on to older cars that pollute more. It’s another example of big government making things worse all around.

6. True. Incredibly, Congress enacts suffocating regulations without any requirement to identify the costs they impose on people like you and me.

7. True. According to Andrew Becker in the liberal ”Huffington Post,” Roxana Bacon, who served as an Immigration Official for the current president claims the administration has shied away from vision and practical leadership on immigration because they were both indifferent and timid.

I hope you did better than I did. I missed three out of seven. Scary.

As far as I’m concerned, the kind of help the government is providing is help we don’t need. On the other hand, I don’t see any major change coming about despite all the hoopla in Washington. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid Washington is going to help our country into the grave.