Marriage licenses issued by the office of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County clerk for the week of March 7 – 11, 2011

Hunter I. Brister and Brandi N. Shaw
Robert L. Wright and Jessica C. Coker
Kegan J. Roy and Kelci E. Moberg
Robert J. Sims and Phyliss A. Rowe
Jeffrey L. Robertson and Amanda L. Long
Derek R. Walter and Patricia A. Vallery
Keith D. Currie and Jenna J. McCarey
Jasmar J. King and Selina R. Jenkins
Billy M. Yard and Miranda A. Bordelon
Robert J. Mann and Margaret A. Waters
Timothy Thompson and Gladys A. Anderson
Sam P. Wills and Mercy D. Green
Clinton L. Mann and Tara A. Gray
Greggery H. Simmons and Jody L. McIntosh
Kenneth L. Mendoza and Leslie M. Clark
Ronald T. Barnes and Chasity L. Barks