The Orange County Sherriff’s Office made a crucial arrest after 23 years of searching for David Withrow. He had been indicted by the Orange County Grand Jury in 1988 for aggravated sexual assault of a child and aggravated robbery.

The sexual assault on the child happened in Bridge City in 1988,while the robbery was in Vidor, also in 1988. The warrants, which were issued by the 128th District Court, have been outstanding since August 11, 1988.

Withrow, who apparently fled Orange County in 1988, had been running from authorities since that time.

He was also arrested in June of 1988 on drug charges and listed his address as Transient at that time.

Withrow was listed as a person of interest by the OCSO Warrant Division in January, 2008. It was then that they began to research information that would eventually lead to the arrest of David Withrow.

In February, 2011, Texas DPS contact OCSO to let them know that they had received a hit on the fingerprints. Those prints matched a person named George Riffle, who was a white male. That match was from a 2000 arrest for driving while intoxicated charge in Illinois.

The prints were compared from both incidents of arrest with the FBI Special Processing Center, and it was determined that David Withrow was now using the name George Riffle.

Upon confirmation of a match on the fingerprints, the US Marshall Service was contacted. Once it was presented to them, a request to apprehend was initiated.

March 9, Hometown, Illinois police served the arrest warrant on Withrow and arrested him. He is currently in custody in Illinois and awaiting extradition to Orange County.