Wednesday evening at about 6:35 PM, Officer John Arnold with the Orange Police Department was dispatched to the area of MacArthur Dr. in reference to a reckless driver who was reportedly driving a white Grand Am in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed.

Police Sgt. S.A. Jefferson advised dispatch that she was in the area of 16th and MacArthur and observed the vehicle continuing east. Sgt. Jefferson pulled the vehicle over at the Capital One parking lot, where Officer Arnold pulled in behind both vehicles.

As Officer Arnold approached the vehicle, he could detect the faint odor of alcohol. The driver of the vehicle identified himself to police as Leno Riojas. He admitted he did not have a driver’s license or insurance on the vehicle and he had no form of ID on his person.

After checking through dispatch, and being unable to locate identification on the subject, he was asked to spell his name again. He then spelled the last name Rojas. Each time he was asked to spell his name, he was very hesitant and seemed unsure of the spelling.

Once again, a check through dispatch failed to turn up an identification or driver’s license on the name or date that was provided by the subject.

A white female who was sitting in the vehicle said the subject driving the car was her boyfriend of two years, but she could not provide a proper spelling either.

Officers looking inside the car observed an unopened, cold to the touch beer tucked under the edge of the back seat. An opened, empty can was observed as well.

The subject identifying himself as Rojas had previously advised officers that he was unaware of any beer being inside the vehicle.

Due to the driver’s uneasy behavior and no way of positively identifying himself for traffic citations, he was placed under arrest for no driver’s license and failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility.

As Officer Arnold pulled into the parking lot of Orange County Jail, the subject informed him that he had lied about his name. He said his name was Magdaleno Huerto and provided a date of birth.

Upon another computer check, Huerta was found to have three outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was then released to jail staff for booking.