Officer Brian Foley of the Pinehurst Police Department proudly welcome a new patrol vehicle, a black, 2011 Dodge Ram pickup to the force. The vehicle replaces a 2005 Crown Victoria which has been transferred to another department within the city. Chief Fred R. Hanauer III stated that the vehicle is equipped with “ghost graphics” which are barely visible during normal lighting conditions but are a highly reflective gold color when illuminated with bright lights, such as headlamps during nighttime operations.

The vehicle, which is equipped much like an unmarked vehicle, has no overhead emergency lights but will be used for routine patrol as well as traffic enforcement and criminal interdiction when needed.

Officer Foley has recently attended a course entitled Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment and is ready to take his criminal interdiction efforts to the next level. Incidentally, Foley holds a dual peace officer commission and is also a deputy constable for Precinct 2 Constable Rob Strause.

The emergency equipment and ghost graphics were installed by Pursuit Safety Inc. in Dallas. The best part is that the vehicle, which cost around $29,000 with all emergency equipment, was paid for totally by funds seized from drug dealers so there was no cost whatsoever to the citizens of Pinehurst.

Fred R. Hanauer III, Chief of Police/Emergency Management Coordinator
Pinehurst Police Department
409-886-0613 (f) P.S. The second picture shows the ghost graphics illuminated in broad daylight by a camera flash.

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