Bridge City Intermediate School along with Hatton Elementary held their first School Walk to benefit the American Diabetes Association on Friday, March 4. The walk was a huge success!
Students earned $13,764.70 for the American Diabetes Association. Students on both campuses really got excited about this cause! They were motivated to support other kids, family and friends that are impacted by this disease.

The Intermediate students took a lot of pride in standing behind one of their own brave students, third grader Arthur Ridley who is living with Diabetes. Arthur spoke to his fellow classmates at a school wide assembly to kick off fundraising efforts. He was truly inspirational.
One student in particular took fundraising for this event to heart, 4th grader Colton Horner was this year’s top fundraiser.

Colton had been saving his money, including his birthday money so when he decided to participate he asked his mother if he could donate the $231.00 of his own money that he had saved. Colton’s mother, Heather Williams, was very proud of her son for wanting to do such a generous and thoughtful deed.

Together with the help of his family, Colton earned $522.00. “Colton truly has an humble heart,” said his homeroom teacher Mrs. Cynthia Dupuis. “He never even told his teachers he had earned so much money, we didn’t find out until his name was called over the announcements.”

Students at both schools walked during their PE times and many parents/guardians and community members joined in. There was also a Blood Share blood drive going on as well. Misty Butler R.N., school nurse and organizer of this event would like to thank the students, community, and local businesses for supporting our School Walk. “It was an amazing day, for a wonderful cause!” All proceeds earned in this event went to the American Diabetes Association.

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