The Bridge City 7th Grade Lady Cardinal track and field team took First Place on Thursday as the host team of the meet held at Bridge City High School.

The Lady Cardinals collected 237 points followed by West Orange-Stark 145 points, Orangefield 3rd with 133 points, and Silsbee 4th with 51 points.

The following girls placed in the meet:

Shot- Put – Morgan Mott – 5th and Katelyn Mott – 2nd
Discus –Olivia Bass 4th, &Sarah Sams – 1st place
Pole Vault- Bailee Bacon 3rd, Gracie Guyote 2nd and Bailee Thibodaux 1st place
Long Jump- Bailee Bacon 4th, Bailee Thibodaux 3rd, and Carly Fults 1st place
Triple Jump- Hannah Story 5th, Bailee Bacon 3rd and Bailee Thibodaux 2nd
High Jump- Carly Fults – 2nd place
2400 meter run- Mauria Sauceda – 6th, Jessica Koopman 4th, Hannah Story 3rd
800 meter run- Mauria Sauceda 5th and Bailee Bacon 3rd place
110 meter hurdles – Carlee Fults 4th, Faith Kaufman 2nd and Oliva Bass 1st place
100 meter dash- Bailee Thibodaux 6th, Shelby Dishon 5th & Kelsey Smith 3rd
400 meter dash – Samantha Holland 2nd place
200 meter hurdles- Carlee Fults 4th, Bailee Bacon 3rd, Faith Kaufman – 2nd place
200 meter dash – Kelsey Smith- 2nd
1200 meter run- Jessica Koopman 6th, Hannah Story 5th, Katrina Phillips 3rd.
400 meter relay – Hannah Carpenter, Kelsey Smith,
Madison Trahan, & Shelby Dishon – 2nd place
800 meter relay – Hannah Carpenter, Kaitlyn Thayer
Madison Trahan & Shelby Dishon –2nd place
1600 meter relay – Hannah Carpenter, Carlee Fults
Faith Kaufman & Samantha Holland – 1st place

Hannah Carpenter and Carly Fults were “hight point” getters of 36 points each.
Madison Trahan won the “heart” award this week; with her desire and determination in the 4 X 100 relay…

Good job, girls!