Officer Jeffery Busby responded to a call regarding criminal trespassing and family violence Friday morning in the 5700 block of Velma Jeter. When Officer Busby arrived on the scene, other officers advised him that the suspect, a black male wearing a red shirt, had fled on foot.

The suspect had previously been seen standing in front of an apartment by officers. He was caught in the parking lot of the Fox Run apartments.

Officer Busby spoke with the victim of the assault, who advised that she and the suspect had been arguing since the night before. The victim stated that the suspect had recently become angry with her and struck the left side of her face while she was lying on her bed. At that time, the victim told officers that she tried to defend herself but was unsuccessful and the suspect struck her again.

The victim stated that she got out of bed and the suspect pushed her against the wall in her bedroom causing the back of her head to strike the wall. She advised officers that she felt physical pain to her face and head during the assault.

When the victim told the suspect that she was calling the police, he stopped assaulting her.

While speaking with the victim, police observed a small round scratch to the left side of her face, and as a result, photographs were taken of the victim.

The suspect was identified by the victim as her boyfriend, Curtis Brim of Orange, who had an active criminal trespass warning issued to him by the manager of the apartments in October. Police contacted the complex manager and advised of the assault and of Brim’s trespassing.

The manager said Brim was not welcomed on the property and she wished to pursue criminal trespass charges against Brim.

Because Brim assaulted the victim and was observed trespassing on the property, he was placed in custody for assault, family violence and criminal trespassing.

He was transported to the Orange County Jail, where he was booked and photographed.