The Orange County Commissioners will meet on Monday, March 21. The first item on their agenda is to discuss issuing a proclamation designating Friday, March 25, 2011 as “Orange County Charities Day.”
Joel Ardoin, director of Health Code and Compliance, and the Court will discuss the advertising of and take applications for the remainder of the Community Development Black Grant for the low to moderate income levels for the OSSF and tie in project. The amount left for construction is $94,435.50.
Jeff Kelley, Emergency Management Coordinator, will not only bring the Commissioners up to date on project updates, but he will request the Adoption of a Resolution of Support for an Accident Prevention Plan. He will also ask the Court to accept and adopt the updated Risk Management Policy and the Orange County Seatbelt Policy. Kelley wlll aslo ask the Commissioners to add the Orange County Seatbelt Policy to the Orange County Personnel Policy as Policy No. 144.
Christy Khoury, Orange County Treasurer, will request a direct deposit from the State Comptroller of Public Accounts to be filed into the minutes of the court. The amount of the direct deposit totals $268,304.85. These funds represent the half-cent Sales and Use allocationi for the month of January 2011 and has been credited to the General Operating Fund.
Deborah Rawls, Orange County Auditor, will request the payment of bills for week. Rawls will ask the Court to pay $14,463.72 to Schaumburg & Polk, Inc. from the General Fund for the Shelter of Last Resort. The full total of bills due to be paid will be discussed at the Court meeting on Monday.
Les Anderson, Orange County Engineer, and the Commissioners will disucss filing on a replete of Simpson Lake Lots as approved by the City of Orange Planning and Zoning Commission. They will also dices  the replacement of the Road and Bridge radio tower generator and a boat motor. The funds for this are available in the Road and Bridge capital outlay line item.
David J. Waxman and the Commissioners will discuss appointing a Labor Standards Officer and designate inspectors to monitor for compliance on the County’s federally funded project.
Jenesis Event will ask the Commissioners to approve the Texas Mass Gathering Act for the Jenesis Event, LLC that will be held on Saturday, April 30 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Connie Cassidy, Orange County Purchasing Agent, requests the approval of the court to transfer three computers from the Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace office into surplus. Cassidy also requests approval from the court to advertise for bids on the County’s annual requirements for Mowing and the application of herbicides at the Orange County Airport. She will also need the approval of the court to award the bid on the Adult Probation Office Facility and to declare Television Equipment Associates sole source for the purchasing of Cobra Headsets for the Sheriff’s office. These headsets will cost an estimated $9,745.

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