Monday morning, at approximately 8:08 am, Officer Christopher Cowart with the Orange Police Dept., was dispatched to the 1900 block of MacArthur Dr. in reference to a car driven by a man that was involved in some burglaries in Pinehurst.

The vehicle, a silver Saturn, was being driven by a white male and was located in the parking lot of 1555 16th St. A black male who was in the passenger seat was asked where the man was who was driving the car. The passenger said the man was inside the store.

Officer Cowart entered the store and the clerk told him there was a white male in the bathroom. Police knocked on the bathroom door and ordered the man out. A white man exited and was identified as Jason Penn.

Police requested a check on Penn from dispatch for warrants, and it was confirmed that Penn had an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. At this time he was placed in custody.

When the black male was asked to identify himself, he gave the fictitious name Kevin Ford and a birthday, which no information was available for. Ford was also placed in custody for giving false information and failing to identify himself to police.

Ford and Penn were both transported to the Orange County Jail, where Ford told police his birthday, and information came back on that name with an expired driver’s license.

Items in the vehicle were taken into custody by Pinehurst Police Dept. in reference to the burglaries.