Seth Wade of Bridge City has been tagged a “musical genius” by his peers and elders. A member of the band since he was in the sixth grade, Seth has contributed as much as he has gained from the opportunities provided him.

Kathie Dorman, one of Seth’s mentors at BCHS, was dumbfounded when she heard him play for the first time. Hearing Ms. Dorman mention that she would like to have a copy of the sheet music to a certain piece, Seth immediately turned a blank score sheet into a copy for her.

Impressed by his skill, she invited him to play for the local Stark Reading Contest to entertain the audience while the judges made their decisions. Hearing Seth play the piano, Ms. Dorman and the audience were more than pleased with what they heard. Seth has been a fixture at the event since then.

Seth first realized his musical talent when he was 12, in the sixth grade. He joined the band and began to work on a baritone. At the same time, he started to play around with a small piano that was at home. He admits that in no time at all he “had that all figured out.”

Though he seems to be a pretty humble guy, Seth admits with confidence that he can play any instrument that he picks up. Ms. Dorman confirms this amazing feat. Among these are the baritone, drums, trombone, and “any brass instrument at all.”

As long as the young man has been playing music, he has been composing music as well. He has composed and rewritten many selections for the BCHS Band as well as other selections. One of these is called “Promise Unbroken,” a beautiful flowing composition quite advanced for such a young performer.

The young musician has taken the opportunities provided him by Bridge City High School and turned them into a very promising musical career. Seth plays for the Orange Community Band, a local non-profit organization. He plays the drums and the piano for his local place of worship, Echo Church, where he has been helping for four years now. He has won several medals for Solo and Ensemble performances, never receiving less than a “one,” the highest rating possible in such contests.

“It’s my calling.” Seth stated about his musical talent.

Of course, Seth plans to pursue music as a career. He said “I want to compose scores for films and games.” “Alongside that,” he said. “I would love to be an educator.”

Seth Wade is the son of Gayla Melancon of Bridge City. Certainly his mother as well as Ms. Dorman and her colleagues at Bridge City High School are as proud as we all are to have Seth as a part of our community.

Seth Wade will perform at a concert fundraiser for the Bridge City High School Chess Club. He has composed all of the music for the event. The concert will be held on April 4, 2011 at 7 p.m. in the Bridge City High School cafeteria.

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