Thursday morning, Orange police responded to a call from dispatch about a 911 call hang-up, where the caller whispered that they needed help. Officer Michael Roush, responded to the 3600 block of Hemlock.

Upon arrival at about 1:05 AM, Officer Roush made contact with Randi Malet, who was observed by officers to have blood on the side of her face, neck and shirt. She began to argue with a black male suspect later identified as Christopher Como. Officers asked Malet to step outside to speak with them.

As Malet spoke with Officer Roush, Como spoke with another officer. As police spoke with Malet, they observed blood coming from the right side of her head, just above her ear. Acadian Ambulance was called to the scene to check Malet.

Malet advised officers that she arrived home about 12:30 AM, and an argument ensued between her and Como. She said Como was drunk, and he had accused her of not being at work. Malet then told police that during the argument, Como picked up a belt and as the argument escalated, he struck her across the side of the face and head with it.

Malet also told officers that upon being struck by the belt, she felt blood begin dripping down her neck and shoulder.

After Como struck Malet, he walked away, at which time she called 911 for help.

At the scene, Officer Roush could hear Como tell officers that he did not touch Malet, that she had caused the injury to herself. Officers could smell alcohol coming from Como’s person. His speech was slurred when talking and he appeared to stagger when walking. Officers said that it appeared Como was intoxicated and appeared upset and angry.

Officer Roush felt that if left at the residence, there would be further violence, so he was placed into custody for aggravated family assault/family violence.

Como was transported to the Orange County Jail and booked.

Malet was treated at the scene, but refused transport to the hospital due to having children at the residence.