Sherlock Breaux

Harry Comeaux, him, was married to Agnes Boudreaux. She was very homely

her, but worse den dat, she nag and nag over everyting. One night, Agnes

woke up and Harry was missing from da bed. Agnes got up an pass herself

all over da house but she couldn’t find him.

Den she heard sobbing

coming from da outside porch. She pull da light chain and find Harry

curl up in a ball crying uncontrollably.

“Harry, wat da hell wrong wit you, hanh?” Agnes wanted to know.


sobs Harry answer, “Agnes, you remember 20 years ago wen I got you

pregnant me, and you papa told me, Harry you got two choices, marry

Agnes or go to jail.”

“Yeah, I remember dat me,” Agnes say.

Harry took him a deep breath and say, “Well Agnes, tonight I would have been release and been a free man.”


The Cajun Story Of The Week is published weekly in The Record newspapers and found in the Sherlock Breaux column.