About 10:30 Wednesday morning, Orange police were dispatched to Walgreens in the 1400 block of 16th St. in reference to an aggravated robbery. While Officer James Gillen was en route, dispatch advised him that a white truck was the suspect and was traveling east on Burton.

Officer Gillen was traveling west on Burton and didn’t encounter any white trucks in the area. Upon arrival at Walgreens, Officer Gillen made contact with the 83 year old victim, who was sitting on the ground next to her car.

The victim stated that she had just parked her car in the parking spaces closest to the store and got out of the vehicle. She placed her purse on her shoulder as she was facing 16th St., and noticed a white male in his early twenties, clean cut and shaven.

The man was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with an unknown logo on the front and dark pants, and was talking on a cell phone. He was approximately 5’ 10” and slender in build, weighing approximately 160 – 180 pounds.

The victim watched the man walk across the parking lot past her, then looked back to see the same man running at her. The man grabbed her purse and knocked her down in the process.

The victim complained that her left knee, left side and left side of her face all hurt. Acadian ambulance was dispatched to check the woman’s medical status. She was reported to have minor injuries, but did not require any further medical attention.

The suspect initially fled on foot with reports that he got into the passenger side of a white, extended cab truck, of an unknown make or model. The vehicle was parked in the northwest corner of the parking lot facing the original direction of travel reported by dispatch.

A witness stated that he observed a newer model GMC extended cab pickup in the lot near the victim’s vehicle and a white male approximately 50-60 years of age, but no one else in the vehicle.

A copy of the store’s security video was taken as evidence.