The Orange County Treasurer, Christy Khoury, will

present her monthly report at the Commissioners’ Court on Monday, March 28.

They will discuss and take possible action on: approval

of interest earned to date in the amount of $29,833.79; approval of investments

in TexPool, Super Investments-General Fund, Treasurer Investments-General Fund,

Certificates of Deposits and Government Agencies in the amount of

$7,788,296.92; Treasurer’s report of revenues received and disbursed in

accordance with the Local Government Code 114.026(d) and affidavit of approval

by court (this report will be available on the county’s web site for viewing);

and pledged security collateral for a total of $55,453,876.05, summary as

follows: Wells Fargo Bank $43,027,356.35, Capital One Bank $12,176,519.70, Bank

of America $ 250,000.00.

Deborah Rawls, Orange County Auditor will seek

approval from the Commissioners to pay the weekly bills, including $95,904.25.

to O.C.A.D., from general fund for 2nd quarter funding due April 1,

2011; and $4,122.88 to United States Treasury from general fund for 2007 tax penalty.

Rawls will also ask the Commissioners to consider

and take possible action regarding acceptance of the 2010 Tobacco Settlement

Distribution Statement, for submittal to the Texas Department of Health and

authorizing the County Judge to sign the same.

Rawls will give the Auditors financial report for

fiscal year to date through February 28, 2011 as well.

Orange County Commissioners will discuss and take possible

action regarding the Court to authorize $1,000.00 to the Lower Sabine-Neches

Soil & Water Conservation District #446 out of Community Participation


Connie Cassidy, Orange County Purchasing Agent will

ask the Court to approve of the transfer of the following items from the Pct. 4

Constable’s office to Surplus: a video system, a fax, an MTS Radio and a



Court will also receive and act upon any project updates presented by the

Director of Emergency Management, Jeff Kelley.

The Commissioners’ Court meeting will take place the County Administration Building at 2 p.m. on Monday, March 24.