Have you been driving around Orange lately and noticed some Hot Pink signs announcing, “Sign up for Cooking Classes?” Perhaps you’re wondering just what the Cooking Classes are all about?

Let me introduce myself. Many of you already know me. I am Katherine Aras and I own the business called, “Look who’s Cooking Now.” I can remember when I first married it was green bean casserole every other night, and my specialty, Tuna fish casserole. My husband must have loved me very much to put up with that. I really did not know how to cook much of anything, much less meat and gravy.

My parents worked all the time and with everybody being so busy it can be hard to cook healthy. So, I thought this would be great for young couples, or any young people who just want to know how to cook.

Who does not get tired of eating out? I also think lots of men and women may just want to have a night out on the town, eat some amazing food, and while having fun you can learn how to cook a meal too.

We show you how to cook five different dishes. Our classes are a minimum of two hours. We start out with an appetizer. Then we have a couple of main dishes. Of course you have to have your vegetables, and we always end with a desert.

Some of our past classes such as, “Friends Night Out,” were very successful with dishes like Stuffed Zucchini Boats that are stuffed with mushrooms cooked in a white wine sauce and loaded with all kinds of goodies, like bacon and parmesan cheese. Then there are the Lamb Chop Loli-pops, with a garlic dipping sauce. You will grow to love lamb chops after eating these. Muffeletta Pizza breads, and how about Drunken Shrimp cooked in a dark beer and wine sauce? Of course, all the alcohol cooks out pretty much, so no one leaves drunk, I assure you. Last we showed how to flame up Banana’s Foster.

Hope you will join us for Saturday Morning Brunch, April 2, starting at 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with complementary Champagne. Call for details 409-670-3144.

We are located at 2908 MacArthur Dr. in Orange, Texas.

Tired of Hush Puppies? Here is an easy recipe next time you have a fish fry, or fried chicken, or anything fried. I call it, Creamy Corn Fritters.

• 1 cup self rising flour
• 1 can of cream style corn
• 1 egg

Mix all ingredients only right before frying. Drop into hot grease with a tablespoon and watch them puff up into round little balls of goodness. Cook until golden brown.

Katherine Aras
Look Who’s Cooking Now