This English Pea Salad is a favorite for company potlucks. You make it and store it in the fridge over night.

The first thing you need is a clear glass bowl. You need to be able to see the salad from the side.

• Head of lettuce
• Large purple onion
• Large, frozen English peas
• 3 boiled eggs (optional)
• 1 cup of mayonnaise
• Bacon Bits
• shredded cheese

Wash lettuce and shake dry. Pull apart two hand fulls and put in glass bowl. Boil eggs and slice so that you will have little wagon wheels. Stand them up around the side of the bowl (optional) and it might not take that many eggs. Sprinkle English peas on top of the lettuce. Slice purple onion thinly in round wheels and fan them out over the peas.

Top this off with shredded cheese, one cup of mayonnaise and sprinkle bacon bits on top.
Hope you enjoy it. It really is Gooder’n Syrup. Von.

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