Tuesday evening at 8:48 PM, the combined efforts of the Orange and Pinehurst Police Departments sent two people to jail on various charges including possession of a controlled substance and attempted capital murder.

When a search warrant was executed at 2309 Riverside in Orange, an unknown person inside the residence fired a shot at officers when the knocked on the door and announced their presence.

Fortunately, the round lodged in the door frame and no officers were injured.

The house had iron security bars on the doors and windows and officers had to make a forced entry.

Once inside, the two subjects, 34 year old David Glen Mays and 28 year old Tiffany Thompkins, were quickly taken into custody.

During the search crack cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana, pills, stolen property and two semi-automatic weapons were found. One of the weapons was determined to be the one used to fire at officers.

In addition to the drugs and other items found at the scene, officers seized a digital scale, baggies and assorted other paraphernalia used for distribution of drugs.