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The March Madness has been just that. The March wins went to the underdogs. It started with 68 teams, two weeks and 64 games later only four are left standing. Ohio State and Kansas are not one of them, in fact not a number one or two seed made it to the NCAA Final Four. Kentucky will be the odd makers favorite to win it all, even though they are number four. Number three, UConn, number eight Butler and number 11, VCU, the real Cinderella, are all in the 2011 NCAA Finals. The Virginia Commonwealth Rams just kept knocking down doors and then knocked out number one Kansas in the Southwest Region. VCU could have knocked the socks off of Las Vegas. The odds were 1,371 to 1 against VCU reaching the Final Four. Once they beat Georgetown pretty handily, they got some interest. The book made the Rams an 80-1 long shot when the Final 16 was set. VCU is the one team that Vegas does not want to win. Any other team is good for the house. Kentucky is a 2-point favorite to beat UConn Saturday and Butler is a 2.5-point favorite over VCU. Kentucky is an 8-5 favorite to win the title. Uconn is the next favorite at 7-1 odds to win it all. It would be real troubling for some Vegas casinos given some big bets on the long shots. The first game, Butler vs VCU will be shown at 5:10 p.m. on CBS. Kentucky vs Connecticut, Saturday, 7:50 p.m. on CBS. In our “12 Years Ago-1999” Breaux column, on this page, states UConn upset Duke for the national championship. Joe Kazmar had called the pairing before the Sweet 16, however he did pick Duke to win. If you believe in history repeating itself bet on UConn. You could however, bust the bank with a good bet on the Cinderella VCU Rams, or play it safer, bet Kentucky to win it all. Championship game will be played at Reliant Stadium, April 4, at 8:20 p.m. The game will be televised on CBS or can be heard on radio, 790 am.

12 Years Ago-1999

UConn upsets Duke 77-74. Connecticut spoiled the Duke invitation. The Huskies beat top ranked Duke, the team no one thought could be beaten in this NCAA tournament, to win the national championship in their first final four appearance. The win ended Duke’s 32 game winning streak and their third championship in the 1990’s. *****Notables having birthdays. Vice-president Al Gore will be 51 on March 31. Dick Manuel and Charlie Wickersham both celebrate on April 3. Other stars besides Dick and Wick celebrating are Leon Russell, 58 and Emmy Lou Harris, 52 celebrate April 2. Marlon Brando will be 75 on April 3. *****Congrats to photographer Chris Gunn, who had three of his prints put on view at the International Photography Show in Las Vegas. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe anyone today can take a better portrait than Chris. If you’re interested in quality, real professional photos, Gunn’s the place to go.)*****Ten West Orange-Stark middle school students will travel to San Antonio in April to compete in the Elite State Math/Science competition. They are Chris Clark, Corey Faulk, Bobby Seals, J.J. Hamilton, Daniel Marshall, Chris Washburn, Brandon Cezar, Candice Davis, Angela McCauley and Katy Snell. Richard Stout is their sponsor. *****Joseph Piazza, city of Bridge City water meter reader, died Sunday, March 28. Service for the 19-year-old city employee will be held March 31. City Hall will be closed from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon so colleagues can attend his funeral.

32 Years Ago-1979

Carroll Rosenbloom, 71, drowned while on an outing. He was the owner of the Los Angeles Rams. *****On April 6, Edna V. (Mrs. Felix) DeMary will be 85. She makes her home with daughter Anabel and son-in-law Arthur Anderson at 904 Cherry St. (Editor’s note: Since then Edna and Arthur have died but my friend Anabel still lives at the same address.)*****Craig Corder, Richard and Ruth’s youngest turns 9 years old in a few days. *****Tina Bendy turns 14. *****Selected senior class favorites at Bridge City were Traci Taylor and Kenny Ronsonette. Best all around were Alice Martinez and Kirk Harmon. Most likely to succeed, Holli Day and David Dutshman. Friendliest were Nina Scales and Kenny Ronsonette. Most beautiful was Sherri VanBreeman; Brian Murphy was selected most handsome. *****Mary Behnke and Joe Ben Welch are running as a team for the WO school board. *****Jimmy Singletary is running for mayor against longtime incumbent Glenn Seale at West Orange.


Kate Ferguson, Karen Childress, Lisa Smith, Terry Stuebing, Cliff Brookshire, Terry Seal, Malori Walton, Dana Myers, Danny Carter, Hunter Wilson, Mary Lejeune, Matthew Cooper, Rebecca Hunter, Carolyn Whittaker, Tracie Ray, Elizabeth Weir, James Williams, Steve Adams, Allison Asbury, Angie Sellers, James “Mack” McDonald, Barbara Riddick, Vickie Foreman, Dalica Marie Bienivides , Ed Whitrock, Jason Vincent, Kellie Fontenot, Kent Pierce, Mack McDonald, Margaret Richter, Michael McAllister,Mikayla Kohn, Nevella Toal, Sawyer Hogan, Arline Dodge, Mahala McClanahan, Walter Terry, Desirea Wilson, Eddie Asbury, Geoff Rendall, Lannie Claybar, Linda Currie, Alan Anderson, Hillary Benefield, James Wroten, Ed McCracken, Hovel Chandler, Jason Ballard, Jeremy Simmons, Joe Peery, Kathie Dorman, Kirk Jordan, Mike Callahan, Rose Cormier, Sandra McRight, Shiloh Walker, Spencer Johns, Travis Primrose, Al DeRoche, Brandie Fowler, Dan Domas, Jean Taylor, Niki Viola, Janet Bland, Libby Harrison, Lisa Coffey, Nancy McWhorter, Race Dearborne, and Cora Woodard.


At about 10 p.m. one night last week, a man seen wearing a white doctor-type coat was running around with a big crab net trying to catch a white rabbit. The guy was either an escapee from the institution, looking for Harvey the rabbit or a doctor whose rabbit wouldn’t come home. *****We had a great visit last week with a very nice lady, Nina Harris, age 82. Nina is no kin to the local Harris family, she is from central Louisiana. As a single mom in Orange, she raised two great kids, a boy and a girl and she’s a proud grandmother. She shared some interesting information about the times and prices in 1910 and that taxes on her granddad’s farm was $1.50 a year and if he graded the road in front of his place, he didn’t owe taxes. What a difference 100 years have made.*****Karen Jo Vance and retired county treasurer Vergie Moreland had lunch at Lucy’s last week. They sat and talked so long Vergie forgot to pick up her grandchild. They rushed out of the restaurant, forgetting to pay their bill. The waitress ran them down waving the bill and asking if they forgot something. Returning inside they found everyone smiling. Of course Karen Jo blamed Vergie for being a bad influence. *****Speaking of beautiful ladies, one of the world’s most beautiful women, when I was a young man in the early and mid-50’s was Elizabeth Taylor. Liz died March 23, at age 79. She was a violet-eyed beauty from England. A child star in “Lassie Come Home,” 1943 and “National Velvet, 1944. She became a woman in 1958 with “Father of the Bride.” She was voluptuous and hot as Maggie in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” in 1958. She outlived seven husbands, a brain tumor, an appendectomy, a fall from a house, tuberculosis and skin cancer and once was pronounced dead from double pneumonia. We will never see her likes again. *****We lost another pioneering woman last week. Geraldine Ferraro, the first lady and first Italian to run for national office as the vice-presidential candidate with Walter Mondale in 1984. She died March 26 at age 75. *****Friends and special folks celebrating birthdays. Garrett Clay Gross turned 26 on Monday, March 28. ***Burl LaSalle celebrates April 4***Al Deroche, our ace ad executive, will celebrate April 5. Al still covers the market at age 83. ***Other birthdays celebrated, Laverne Ridley, Terry Stuebing, Mack McDonald, Lannie Claybar, and Joe Peery. Best wishes to all. ***FaceBook friends celebrating this week are Rhonda Fenton, March 30, Danny Carter and Sandra Jones, March 31, Cindy Mitchell, April 3, April McGee, April 4 and on April 5, Carl Himel turns a year older. *****One year ago on March 30th our friend Red Garrett died at age 79. I still can’t believe “Booger Red” is gone. *****Congrats to LSC-PA honor students making the President’s List from Bridge City are Aaron Barton and Dana Withers. Qualifying for the Dean’s List are Sheena Carpenter, Derek Winstead and Marla Mitchell all from Bridge City, Dwayne Gordon from Orange and Montana Marshall from Orangefield. *****Two new restaurants are in the area, Gary’s Café, in Bridge City, opens April 4, and the Rusty Rooster has opened on Hwy. 408 in Orangefield. *****Texas ranks 44th out of 50 in education spending per student. Now budget cutters in the State House want to cut some more that could cost school districts up to 335,000 jobs. Meanwhile, Medicaid cuts could leave 45,000 seniors homeless. School youngsters and the elderly will suffer. I’m told it’s not necessary, the shortfall could be covered by using half of the ‘Rainy Day Fund’ and raising sales taxes by one cent over two years. There would then be no reason to short change schools and old folks. The reason it won’t happen is that Rick Perry wants to claim he never raised taxes and like Clinton, he left billions in the bank. Rick is looking after Rick’s future on the backs of the most vulnerable, the young and old. *****A stinkbug spreads across the USA. It is now in 33 states. So far, the closest to us is Mississippi. They are gliding their way down from the mid-Atlantic. The Asian bugs that destroy crops are no kin to our stinkbugs and smell way worse. *****An influential doctor’s group warns of FaceBook risks. It may cause teen depression. Referring to troubled teens that are obsessed over the online site. FaceBook can make it a particularly tough social landscape to navigate for kids already dealing with poor self-esteem. Photos of happy looking people, having great times, can make some kids feel even worse if they think they don’t measure up. FaceBook depression, cyber bullying, sexting and others online are a real risk. Benefits of kids using social media sites shouldn’t be overlooked. FaceBook is the teen corner store. *****Rob Johnson, who managed Gov. Perry’s 2010 re-election campaign and is senior adviser to Perry, is headed to Virginia next week for Newt Gingrich’s exploratory campaign for president. He will be Newt’s campaign manager. It’s a good opportunity for Johnson, 36, to see politics at a new level but I don’t believe Gingrich can make the first lap. *****I made a trip down to PawPaw’s on Hwy. 1448 at Hwy. 105, for some fresh made cracklins and peanuts fried in peanut oil. I swear you can’t beat either, especially them cracklins. I got enough to whip up a cracklin corn bread. I mash some and leave a few whole, just like grandma use to make. Tell PawPaw we sent you and pick up a lagniappe. *****Speaking of eating, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and then back to Novrozsky’s to have lunch with Uncle Jim next week. *****Congrats to Mayor McDonald and the West Orange folks on the resurfacing of their streets. I road on them yesterday and the blacktop came out nice. Bridge City is starting a major street makeover also. I hope they come out as well. *****I see where State Rep. Mike Hamilton is pushing gambling in Texas. The down side is that it will hurt our little part of Texas. The big cities will end up with the jobs. Hamilton knows a statewide vote would pass because the cities would outvote us and Mike’s out would be that the people of Texas voted for it. It’s obvious the gaming lobby has his ear. *****April 8 is only nine days away. The question is will the GOP shutdown the government? So far, Republicans refuse to negotiate. Regular Republicans are showing an interest in compromise but are boxed in by the Tea Partiers. In the House, speaker John Boehner is in a no-win situation over cuts. Convincing his Tea Party backed GOP freshmen he is not selling out is a hard sell. The clock is ticking.*****Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Gov. Barbour and Gov. Huckabee are teaming up against Romney to shut him out in Iowa and hopefully New Hampshire. They know he has the funds to make the run if he wins those states. If he doesn’t, his campaign fizzles. *****Recovery in Japan is slow and radiation worries grow. Contamination in soil and sea were found also small amounts of radiation were found in the United States. *****President Obama spoke to the American people Monday about our involvement in Libya. “Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries, the United States is different. I refuse to wait until the images of slaughter and mass graves are shown before taking action,” he said.


On March 30, Warren Beatty will be 74; Robbie Coltrane, 61; Eric Clapton, 66; Tracy Chapman, 47 and Cline Dion, 43. ***Christopher Walken will be 68 March 31; Rea Perlman, 63 and Evan McGregor, 40. ***April 1, Method Man will be 40. ***On April 2, Christopher Meloni will be 50. ***Wayne Newton will be 69 on April 3; Alec Baldwin, 53; Eddie Murphy, 50 and Jennie Garth, 39. ***Graig Nelson will be 67 on April 4; Jamie Lynn Spears, 20; Hugo Weaving, 51; Robert Downey Jr., 46; Barry Pepper, 41 and David Blaine, 38, ***Colin Powell will be 74 on April 5 and Pharrell Williams will be 38.


Clovis Comeaux him, made a good crop of rice las year so he plan to take his wife Agnes on a vacation to Australia. While on da trip Clovis met a nice chap, an Aussie farmer. Dey got to talking about farming dem. Da Aussie him, showed Clovis his rice field wat cover a few acres.
Clovis him laugh and say, “Mai, we have rice fields in Sou’h Loosianna dat are four or tree times dat size us.”
Dey walk around da place and da Aussie show him his fish pond. Clovis say, “We got crawfish bigger dan dem little fish us.”
Den da Aussie him show him his canary birds dat he’s raising.
Clovis say, “Mai us, we got mosquitoes as big as you little birds.”
Den Clovis him see a herd of Kangaroo hopping in da field. “Kee Yaw” Clovis say, “Mai, wat da hell is dem tings, hanh?”
Da Aussie farmer him, look Clovis rat in da eye and he axed, “Wat’s wrong mate, don’t you guys have grasshoppers in Louisiana?”


Thirty years after President Reagan was shot, James Brady will appear at a congressional hearing for “sensible gun control.” President Reagan is the only president that was shot and survived. Brady’s wife will testify at the hearing Wednesday. *****Who will be the new athletic director and head football coach at West Orange-Stark? So far Toby Foreman has expressed that he will apply. Coach Cornell Thompson is also expected to seek the job. I think it’s a good thing that multiple applications will come from within. It increases the odds that someone on the present staff will be hired. Many outside applications can be expected also. *****April 1 is the target date that Judge Pat Clark will step down as 128th Dist. Court Judge. Who will replace him? I don’t believe it’s a done deal yet, even though we hear that Cimron Campbell may have a strong hand having been the only Republican to hold a judgeship. He was JP of Pct. 2.*****Donald Trump presents a false birth certificate as proof he was born. It’s not the real thing. It’s a hospital certificate of birth. Trump is just trying to stay in the public eye, stroking his ego. He’s not running for anything, just making noise.*****I’ve gotta get out of here. My time is up so thanks for yours and thanks for your loyalty. I’m going to go find me a nice bed and breakfast and do like a bear, hibernate. Be sure to check out our Web site therecordlive.com for up to date news. Take care and God bless.