A Nederland man walked into the Orange Police station Wednesday morning to report a theft. Officer Matthew Reeves met with Gilbert Williams, who told Reeves that a known suspect made unauthorized transactions with a company fuel card.

Williams, who is the owner of a commercial vehicle he leases to Advanced Transport, LLC in Goldsboro, North Carolina, stated he hired a driver (who is the suspect) and issued him a fuel card by Advanced Transport.

Williams told police that he went to retrieve the truck from the driver for maintenance, and when he asked about the fuel card, the driver told Williams he lost it.

Williams cancelled the card and provided a list of recent transactions on the card. He said the truck has been undergoing maintenance since March 22 and has not been in operation since.

Williams also told police that there have been four suspicious transactions where large amounts of fuel, totaling $1,098.32, were purchased since then. Williams has contacted the manager of Advanced Transport about the card usage.

Police spoke by phone, with the personnel manager of Advanced Transport, Bill Moyers about the card usage, and Moyers informed police that the purchases were not authorized. He also stated that on behalf of Advanced Transport, he wishes to file charges against the suspect.