Every year, college campuses across the country lose students to drinking and driving. As an exclusive “commuter campus,” that fact is not lost on the administration, faculty and staff at Lamar State College-Orange. In order to refine student knowledge about drunk driving, the Save a Life Tour was brought to the campus on March 29.

Driving simulators, caskets and wreckage footage from drunk-driving accidents were displayed in the Academic Center on the LSC-O campus. Students coming and going from classes were met with these images and invitations to “drive intoxicated” while sober. Simulators gave students a glimpse into what they look like on the road while driving sober, drunk and even “only buzzed.” Wristbands sporting the saying “I’ll Take the Keys” were distributed to remind all students to not let friends drive drunk.

“Our hope is that our students will take something away from this,” said Wendy Elliott, director of student activities at LSC-O. “Hopefully, having a program like this will help them make better decisions.”

The Save a Life Tour was a presentation of Kramer Edu-tainment, a company from Grand Rapids, Mich., that tours college campuses and high schools across the country. According to the company’s website, their drinking and driving simulators are “the only simulators in the nation that give participants a completely realistic, sober perspective of the effects of driving while intoxicated.” Considered the “shock jocks of anti-drunk driving,” they believe the in-your-face approach is the one you have to take to get college students to respect the dangers of drunk driving.

And it appears they just may be on to something. The tour has earned itself national acclaim from leaders, educators and event planners nationwide.

“There was a line of students waiting to participate the entire six hours of the presentation,” said Elliott. “Although some of the videos and displays were graphic and even disturbing, these images are a grim reality for so many that have been affected by those who choose to drink and drive.”

For more information on the Save a Life Tour, visit their website at www.savealifetour.com.
“Our students seemed to greatly enjoy it,” said Elliott. “Drunk-driving fatalities are a preventable tragedy that our students can avoid with the tools and knowledge needed to be safe.”