Orange police made a traffic stop Monday morning that resulted in the arrest of two Orange residents.

At midnight, Officer Michael Roush stopped a blue Isuzu Trooper for making improper turns and driving into oncoming lanes of traffic.

The driver, Tommy James Richard was found to have an outstanding warrant for an expired license plate and was placed under arrest . While talking with Richard, he consented to a search of his vehicle for any weapons, drugs or other contraband.

The passenger, Nicole Richard was asked to step out of the vehicle to speak with officers. When she got out of the car, she was observed to be unsteady and off balance when walking. While talking with Richard, police noticed her speech to be slurred and slow, and that her eyes were glassy.

When asked if she had been drinking, Nicole Richard advised that she had been taking her prescription medication. Officers believed her to be intoxicated on an unknown type of substance and placed her under arrest for public intoxication.

A search of the vehicle turned up no contraband, but police did find a credit card that belonged to another person. Both suspects told police that they found the card in the roadway on Edgar Brown Dr.

The card was taken to the police station for safe keeping, and the owner of the card was called and notified where the card would be.

Nicole Richard and Tommy Richard were both transported to the Orange County Jail.