Well it is that time of year again where we have to worry about getting into our bathing suits. Of course some of us are just not quite ready to show off our wonderful bodies, so I thought you could use some extra tips that might help you. I have lost ten pounds in the past three months. Now I know some of you just don’t really care what I look like, and you may be saying to yourself, I am not going to be caught dead in a bathing suit this year anyhow, anyway.

Well surely if you are not going swimming, perhaps you have a special occasion you need to attend, like a family reunion, or wedding, or maybe you need to make yourself feel better about you. I want tell you how I Lost some weight and maybe it will help you get motivated.

First of all, do not eat after 6 p.m. That alone has helped me tremendously. When you do eat in the evening eat a lot of vegetables. Salads are wonderful. If you have a special vegetable you prefer, keep those vegetables on hand and cook plenty of them ahead of time. That way when you are hungry you will not eat out, because you know you have food waiting for you at home. Or even better I have a homemade vegetable soup that’s been in the family for years. I will give you this recipe today. When I want to lose some extra pounds, I eat on this most of the week. You can freeze it too, and eat it at another time.

Also, go for a 20-25 minute walk every day during the week. Riding a bike around the neighborhood really works well too. That is all it takes to start out your day in a wonderful way. Hope you enjoy the soup. Happy eating!

Homemade Vegetable Soup

1 ½-2 pounds of stew meat
½ stick of butter
1 large onion
3 cloves of garlic
Tony’s seasoning
Salt and Pepper to your taste
½ cup of dry sherry wine
3 large cans of tomato sauce (15 oz.)
1 large can of tomato paste
¼ of green cabbage
Enough water to bring to top of large stock pot (about 4-5 cans of water)
Spaghetti noodles broken up into small pieces, or small shell pasta
1 small to medium bag of mixed vegetables in frozen section
4 med. Potatoes cut into cubes

Sauté Stew meat in a ½ stick of butter. Add onions and seasonings, then garlic. Let cooks 5-10 minutes. Add dry sherry wine. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Add tomato sauce, and paste with water. Add bay leaf. Cover and cook at least 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, chop cabbage and potatoes. Break up spaghetti and add mixed vegetables, and all other ingredients. Cook until all vegetables are done. Remove bay leaf before serving.